Car drives off Perimeter Rd; Suspected Male Student Flees Scene

4/24/15, Scene of Incident. Photos By Billie Kanfer, Co-Editor-In-Chief  

By Billie Kanfer, Co-Editor-In-Chief


Update:  The Lieutenant Robert H. Jillson of the Saratoga Police Department provided a statement:

This morning, at about 12:40 am, campus safety called us about a car (an Acura SUV) that had struck a utility pole on Perimeter Road. The collision was strong enough to cause airbag deployment in the car. Initial reports were that the driver was seen running from the scene.

Campus safety and police were not able to locate the student whose car it is believed to be. It is also believed that this student resides on campus.

There was damage to both the vehicle and utility pole. 


At approximately 12:30 a.m Friday, April 24th a loud crashing noise occurred outside of lower Sussman A. After going outside, it was discovered that a car had barreled over the steel barrier along the Sussman entrance path and was stuck on top of the barrier. Three male students exited the car. They proceeded to rev the engine and attempt to reverse off the barrier. To no avail, the car tilted forward over the barrier and remained stuck. The three male students proceeded to flee the scene before campus safety officers arrived at around 12:45 a.m.  Two police cars also arrived at the scene at this time.

Two students identified as friends of the suspected driver were also at the scene shortly later.  When asked for comment, the two students reported that officers had identified the suspected driver by the car’s license plate number and were searching for him.

By 1:10 a.m a tow truck arrived to pull the car away from the crash site. After many attempts, the car was finally dislodged from the barrier and towed away. The Skidmore News has reached out to campus safety and the Saratoga Police Department for comment and will update this article with any news.


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