Campus Safety Reports April 10 - April 16

Campus-Safety-ReportFriday April. 10 College Violation Noise Howe Hall 2:10AM: RP reports people being loud in common area. Officers dispatched, gone upon arrival.

Harassment Wiecking Hall 4:00PM: RP stated student made threatening remarks via text messages. Report generated.

Fire Alarm Other Cane Crossing 11:01PM: Fire alarm activation received. Units dispatched, due to cooking.

College Violation Noise McClellan Hall 10:30PM: RP reports a noise complaint. Units dispatched, students complied.

Saturday April. 11

College Violation Noise Sussman Apartments 12:18AM: RP reports noise complaint. Officers dispatched, report gathering and dispersed.

Fire Alarm Other Sussman Apartments 4:23AM: Fire alarm activation received. Units dispatched, due to cooking.

Driving While Intoxicated North Broadway 5:40AM: RP reports car on sidewalk on North Broadway. Officer dispatched, SSPD notified. Report generated.

Parking Issue South Park 2:37PM: Officers observe vehicle driving on the sidewalk. Officers stopped the vehicle and advised subjects to leave campus due to no affiliation with the college. Complied, report generated.

Criminal Mischief Kimball Hall 11:10PM: RP reports observing an exit sign broken. Report generated.

Criminal Mischief Wait Hall 11:10PM: RP reports observing an exit sign broken. Report generated.

Sunday April. 12

College Violation Moore Way 12:16 AM --Noise complaint received. Disp. Officers who report finding a gathering which was dispersed.

College Violation of Alcohol Policy 12:24 AM: RP confiscated a bottle of alcohol from a student. Officers dispatched. RP further states subject received food but did not pay for it. Subject later identified.

Suspicious Activity Kimball Hall 4:10am: RP states unknown person is throwing items at the window. Disp. Officer who reports locating a non-student attempting to get the attention of a friend. Advised to cease and complied without further incident. Friend could not be located at this time.

Suspicious Odor Jonsson Tower 01:30 pm - RP reports a suspicious odor. Disp. Officer who was unable detect any odor upon his arrival. Report made.

Monday April. 13

Fire Drills Campus Wide 08:26 pm: Fire alarm activations received from various residential halls in compliance with New York State Fire Alarm Requirements.

Tuesday April. 14

Property Damage North Hall Lot 08:05 am - RP reports a vehicle was damaged. Officer dispatched. Report made.

Drug Law Violation McClellan Hall 11:40 am - Officer witnessed student smoking an illegal substance. Report made.

Suspicious Odor Wiecking Hall 1:16pm: RP states there is a suspicious odor at the front entrance. Disp. Officer who reports unable to locate the odor at this time.

Suspicious Odor Wiecking Hall 3:30 pm: A suspicious odor was reported. Disp. Officer who reports Facilities Services personnel on site to rectify and will call if further assistance is needed.

Suspicious Odor Case Center 06:23 PM: RP reports a gas odor. Disp. Officers and Maintenance who report the odor is coming in from the bus in the lot through the intake. Maintenance to re-check area periodically.

Wednesday April. 15

Drug Law Violation Wilmarth Hall 1:50 AM Officers report drug law violation. Report made.

College Violation Noise Pennfield Hall 11:26 PM: RP called for a noise complaint. Disp. Officer who reports speaking with students who stated that they would quiet down.

Thursday Aprl. 16

Suspicious Odor Jonsson Tower 8:15 PM: RP called to report an odor. Disp. Officers who report source could not be located.

Welfare Checks Jonsson Tower 08:46 PM: RP requests a message be delivered to his daughter to call him. Disp. Officer who reports the student states that she just spoke with her father.

Fire Alarm Accidental Sussman Apartments 09:14 PM: Fire alarm activation received. Disp. all Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD. Steam from shower set off the alarm.

Suspicious Odor Wait Hall 11:17 PM: RP reports suspicious odor. Disp. Officer who reports detecting an odor; however, subjects GOA.

Fire Non Residental 11:36 PM: RP called to report a fire under the walkway in Sussman Village. Disp. Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD. Officer reports leaves were on fire but were quickly extinguished.

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