Campus Safety Reports March 27 - April 2

Campus-Safety-ReportFriday March. 27 College Violation Noise Sussman Apartments 12:45pm: RP reports very loud noise. Officers spoke with resident.

Criminal Mischief Wilmarth Hall 2:15am: RP reports finding a poster with a burn mark. Report generated.

Suspicious Activity Scribner Library 3:03pm: RP calls to report male sleeping in the library. Disp. Officers who spoke with visitor. Report made.

Suspicious Odor Wait Hall 5:35pm: Officer reports a suspicious odor. Report generated.

Parking-Other Sussman Apartments 8:00pm: RP reports a Driving Complaint. Officer generated report, spoke with students.

College Violation-Noise Wilmarth Hall 11:20pm: RP called to report a noise complaint. Officer spoke with subjects and they complied.

College Violation-Noise Sussman Apartments 11:55pm: RP called to report a noise complaint. Officers report large gathering. Report generated.

Saturday March. 28

College Violation-Noise Kimball Hall 2:04am: RP reports a noise complaint. Dispatched Officer who reports loud talking.

Fire Alarm-Other Sussman Apartments 1:17pm: Fire alarm received. Officers, Maintenance and SSFD responding. Occupant advises alarm due to burnt food. All responding units advised.

Parking Vehicle Issues-Other Case Center Lot 4:49pm: RP states a vehicle has been idling in the parking lot for several hours. Officer removed keys, locked the car and notified the owner.

Fire Alarm-Accidental Sussman Apartments 11:05pm: Fire Alarm received. Dispatched Officers, Maintenance and notified S.S.F.D.

Sunday March. 29

Suspicious Odor Jonsson Tower 12:08am: RP reports an odor of Marijuana. Officer reports no Marijuana odor present; however, did observed a jar of potpourri in the room that may have caused the odor.

Propped Door Wiecking Hall 12:40am: Officer locates propped door. Door was secured.

Criminal Mischief McClellan Hall 2:33am: Officer reports damage to walls in the East and West Stairwell. Damage appears to have been done by punching holes in the wall. Damage recorded. Report made.

Criminal Mischief Wilmarth Hall 3:17am: Officer reports a hole in the wall in the basement. Damage recorded. Report made.

Theft of Services Case Center Parking Lot 1:40am: RP reports dropping off 5 students at Case Center and when asked for payment; only received partially payment and students fled. Officers met with and interviewed RP. One student located and SSPD contacted at RP’s request. Student made full restitution. No charges filed.

Moving Violations Sussman Apartments/Perimeter Road 2:44am: Officer reports taxi cab driving recklessly. Report made. Company contacted.

Welfare Checks Howe/Rounds 1:31pm: RP wishes a welfare check on his student. Officer dispatched, student located and will contact parent.

Suspicious Activity Scribner Library 5:47pm: RP reports suspicious activity in the library and requests an officer. Officer dispatched. Report made.

Fire Alarm-Other Sussman Apartments 8:56pm: Fire alarm activation received. Disp. Officers, Maintenance dispatched and advised SSFD. Resident called and reported alarm was due to cooking fumes.

Fire Scribner Library 9:30pm: Officer reports pants caught fire from bonfire ember. Pants extinguished report made.

Monday March. 30

Larceny from Motor Vehicle West Lot 1:44PM: RP reports vehicles had back windshield wipers stolen. Disp. Officer. Report filed.

Aggravated Harassment Filene Men’s Room 4:40pm: RP reports a swastika had been drawn on the wall of the men's room. Disp. Officer. Report filed.

Fire Alarm Sussman Apartments 7:19pm Fire alarm received. Disp. Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD. Student called stating alarm was due to cooking.

Suspicious Odor Wait Hall 9:36: RP reports suspicious odor in the basement. Disp. Officers who report locating the source of the odor. All present admitted to smoking. Report made.

Tuesday March. 31

Fire Alarm Sussman Apartments 1:30am: Fire alarm received. Disp. Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD. Alarm due to cooking.

Maintenance-Life/Safety Dana Science 11:28am: RP called there has been a chemical spill. The room has been evacuated, vents turned on and the chemical spill response team is in route. RP further states the Environmental Health and Safety Officer is on scene. Disp. Officer. Report made.

Suspicious Odor Penfield Hall 3:02pm: RP advises a gas odor was reported. Disp. Officer who reports locating an odor of gas. HVAC on scene. Situation rectified. Report made.

Suspicious Activity North Broadway 6:23pm: RP reports a female who appeared to be in distress. Disp. Officers and notified SSPD. A thorough search of the area was conducted by all Officers to no avail. All surrounding Police Agencies were made aware of this report.

Sex Offense- Forcible On campus 9:30am Received a report of sexual assaulted that occurred on campus. Report made.

Wednesday April. 1

Fire Campus Grounds 5:25pm: RP called to report a trash can fire outside the main entrance of Wait. Disp. officer and Maintenance. Fire extinguished. Report made.

Suspicious Odor Jonsson Tower 9:43pm: RP reports an odor of incense. Disp. Officer who is unable to determine the source of the odor. Odor dissipated.

College Violation-Noise Wait Hall 11:54pm: RP reports excessive noise from group of people. Officers dispatched report group dispersed upon their arrival.

Thursday April. 2

Moving Violations Sussman/Northwoods Apartments Roadway 12:35am: Officer reports taxi cab vehicle driving wrong way on Sussman and Northwoods villages. Report made. Supervisor contacted and advised.

College Violation-Noise Cane Crossing 10:30pm: RP called to report a noise complaint. Disp. Officer who spoke with subjects and will keep the noise down.

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