The Overlooked Benefits of Exploremore

Listen closely  Photo by Jacob Reiskin, Co-Editor-In-Chief by Allison Trunkey '18

A trademark of the Skidmore community is collaboration between students and faculty in the pursuit of personalized, productive knowledge bases. In concurrence with this principle, Skidmore hosts “Exploremore” discussion meetings throughout this week and next week, aimed to provide opportunities for freshmen and sophomores to explore various majors and minors of interest.

At Skidmore, we are privileged to have professors who sincerely want to advance our educational experiences, but during these stressful final weeks of the semester, it becomes easy to forget that support and information are readily available. Exploremore connects students not only with faculty but also with other students who hold leadership positions within the departments. These students are willing and eager to help undecided students make the critical decision of what subjects they want to pursue.

Students at Skidmore receive what might delicately be referred to as an extreme number of emails each day, but out of the bulk that we receive, those about Exploremore are worth investigating. Particularly for those of us who entered college with vague (at best) expectations about our future major and job prospects, Exploremore meetings are advantageous. The opportunities these meetings facilitate, to have direct contact with potential professors and advisors is extremely valuable. The events often encourage students to share their past and future course interests within the department, while declared majors speak on behalf of their notable experiences.

However, for fair warning, professors are inherently advocates for their own departments, and they can be charming, brilliant spokespersons toward these ends. Attend many Exploremore meetings, attend just one, or attend all of them, but be prepared to walk away with a burning desire to major in roughly all of the departments.

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