Student Suspended for Two Years after Readmission Hearing

March 13, readmission hearing  photo by Janine Kritschgau '18, Features Editor By Noa Maltzman ’18, News Editor


On the Friday before spring break, March 13, a readmission hearing was held for a sexual assault case that happened in April of 2014. On Wednesday, March 25, the results of the hearing were announced by reporting student, Reina Kiefer ’17, who released a statement on Facebook with the results of the hearing.

Kiefer shared the following:

Hi everyone,

My apologies for the delay. I did hear from the board today. They determined that he is not ready to return to the rigors of the Skidmore community. He has been suspended for the following two years, but has the opportunity to request another readmission hearing in the spring of 2017 to reapply for the fall semester of 2017, after I've graduated. Although their decision feels a bit incomplete, it is certainly a victory. I'm so thankful for everyone who supported me throughout this difficult process. This truly would not have been possible without all of you.

Thank you, Reina

Andrea Wise, Director of Media Relations, provided the Skidmore News with the following statement (she has given this statement to all press who have inquired today), when asked for comment on the decision.

Skidmore College remains firmly committed to maintaining a safe environment for our students and to policies that are fundamentally fair. Federal privacy laws and institutional practice—which are designed to safeguard student confidentiality and the integrity of our hearing process—prohibit public comment on cases that are being handled in the campus conduct system.


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