Campus Safety Reports Feb. 27 – March 5

Campus-Safety-ReportFriday Feb. 27 College Violation Wait Hall 12:09am RP reports a group of people being loud. Officer dispatched reports people were gone on arrival.

College Violation Penfield Hall 1:08am: RP reports a group of people being loud. Officer dispatched report students advised to quiet it down. They complied.

Accident Campus Grounds 11:16am: RP called stating she fell and injured herself on a campus walkway. Disp. Officer who took a report and filled out an accident report. Advised Grounds who salted the walkway.

Suspicious Activity Sports Center 6:00 PM: RP called to report a male acting in a suspicious manner. Disp. Officers who requested assistance from S.S.P.D. S.S.P.D. en route and subject was arrested.

Larceny From Buildings Penfield Hall 5:32 PM RP in office to file a report of larceny. Report taken.

College Violation Willmarth Hall 9:33 PM: RP reports loud music. Disp. Officer reports subjects will turn music down.

Saturday Feb. 28

Fire Alarm Sussman Apartments 12:27 AM: Fire alarm. Disp. Officers and Maintenance and advised SSFD.

College Violation Dayton Drive 1:10 AM: RP reports loud music. Officers dispatched.

Disorderly Conduct Spa 1:30 AM: RP states a male was yelling and screaming. Dispatched Officers report subjects separated and issue resolved.

Dating Violence Jonsson Tower 1:50 AM: RP reports people arguing. Officers dispatched. Non-student escorted off campus. Report taken.

College Violation Cane Crossing 2:47 AM: RP complained of loud noise. Officers dispatched.

College Violation Wait Hall 2:49 AM: RP complained of loud noise. Officers dispatch.

Fire Alarm Starbuck Center 7:20am: Fire alarm activated. Disp. Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD.

Fire Alarm Sussman Apartments 7:00 PM: Fire alarm. Officers, Maintenance and SSFD dispatched. Alarm due to smoke from cooking.

Graffiti Wiecking Hall 9:41 PM: RP reports graffiti on the second floor. Housekeeping dispatched.

Sunday March 1

College Violation Moore Way 1:08 AM: RP reports a noise complaint. Dispatched Officer reports loud music. Volume lowered.

College Violation Penfield Hall 2:09 AM: RP reports loud noise. Dispatched Officers report loud talking. Voices lowered.

College Violation Kimball Hall 2:18 AM: RP reports loud noise. Dispatched Officers report group of students talking. Voices lowered.

Falsely Reported Incident McClellan 2:59 AM: fire alarm. Dispatched Officers, Maintenance and contacted SSFD. Cause of activation due to false activation of pull station.

Fire Alarm Whitman Way 4:45AM: Fire alarm activation. Officers, Maintenance and SSFD advised. Cause determined to be from cooking error.

Criminal Mischief Wiecking Hall 12:35PM: Officer noticed fire door broken. Spoke with adjacent residents. Report generated.

Monday March 2

College Violation Dinning Hall 04:35 PM: RP called to report subjects smoking at the top of the stairs and when advised the smoking area is at the bottom of the stairs they became belligerent. Disp. Officer who reports no one in area at this time. GOA.

Fire Alarm Moore Way 7:15 PM: Fire alarm received. Disp. Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD. Student called stating alarm due to cooking.

Criminal Mischief Dana 6:19 PM: RP states suspicious activities occurring in some labs and would like periodic checks. Notified Officers.

Fire Alarm Sussman Apartments 9:32 PM: Fire alarm received. Disp. Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD.

Suspicious Odor Wait Hall 8:30 PM: RP reports a suspicious odor. Disp. Officers who report subjects GOA.

Tuesday March 3

College Violation Moore Way 12:06am RP reports loud base. Officer dispatched.

College Violation Cane Crossing 12:18am: RP reports loud music. Officer dispatched and advised resident to lower volume.

College Violation Penfield Hall 1:21am: RP reports people being loud. Officer dispatched.

Suspicious Activity Dana 9:25am: RP to report of a couple of suspicious incidents. Disp. Officer. Report made.

Wednesday March 4

College Violation Penfield Hall 1:34am - Report of loud noise. Officer reports students playing tag. They have now dispersed. Area quiet at this time.

Suspicious Odor Jonsson Tower 10:47 PM: RP called to report a suspicious odor. Disp. Officer who was unable to determine the source of the odor at this time. Odor dissipated.

Thursday March  5

Graffiti Penfield Hall 9:14am: RP reports graffiti on a poster. Disp. Officer who took photos and report made.




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