Remembering Anne Palamountain

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By Janine Kritschgau '18, Features Editor

Anne Palamountain, a prominent individual for the College during the past fifty years of her life, passed away on Jan. 24. She indirectly touched the lives of every student through her development of Financial Aid programs at Skidmore, namely organizing the annual Palamountain Scholarship Benefit each summer. She also formed close relationships with various members of the faculty.

Professor Rotheim, of the English department, described Anne’s commitment by explaining that “she threw herself into anything and all things Skidmore with tireless energy and enthusiasm.” She will be remembered for her spirit and dynamic vision. Professor Rotheim added, “Anne was one of those persons who aged with grace, integrity, and good humor.”

Many of the same sentiments were echoed by Classics Professor Michael Arnush. Since the time he first came to campus, in the late 80s, he explained that he “would see her around and [at that time] already held her in high esteem.” Professor Arnush shared fond memories with Palamountain from a two week alumni trip to Greece in 1989, which she attended. Despite her being 74 years of age at the time of the trip, she climbed the acropolis, swam in the hotel pools and the Mediterranean Sea. “She was phenomenal,” Professor Arnush reflected.

Each year, Anne Palamountain participated in fundraising efforts to raise between 100,000 and 200,000 dollars for student scholarships. “She was a remarkable friend to Skidmore,” Professor Arnush stated. “She obviously fell in love with the college, and we fell in love with her.”

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