Sustainable Saratoga Will Launch Centennial Trees Project


Update: The event has been postponed. Check back for more updates.

Sustainable Saratoga will soon be kicking off its Centennial Trees project with a hands-on, participatory brainstorming session for the public.   The public is invited to share ideas about where and how we can best leave a towering, leafy legacy for our kids and grandkids.

Centennial Trees is Sustainable Saratoga’s way of celebrating the City’s 2015 Centennial. They will facilitate a public-private planting campaign of large-species specimen trees (such as oaks, tulip poplars, American elms & maples) in 100 prominent, high-impact locations. Sustainable Saratoga is looking for highly visible public and private sites—sites where large-species trees, as they mature over future decades, will become valued assets that define how we experience the City.

Centennial-worthy, transformative locations could include prominent corners, gateways, and other high-profile streets. Or locations that shape our view of historic and prominent buildings, parks, cemeteries, plazas, etc.

Sustainable Saratoga wants your help in identifying these locations. At Saturday’s brainstorming session, Tom Denny, retired Skidmore Professor of Music History and Department Chair, will open with a brief illustrated presentation about the transformative potential of the Centennial Trees project.   After that, the public will be asked to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Using maps and photos of the City, participants will work together and individually to generate ideas about where towering trees will have the most beneficial lasting impact. Tech-savvy participants are invited to bring their own laptops or tablets or phones to use while exploring the city, but everyone will be able to participate, with or without such gear.

The Centennial Trees workshop will take place soon. For more information and updates, go to Send suggestions or questions to

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