Campus Safety Reports Nov.21-27

Campus Safety Report  

Friday Nov. 21

College Violation 09:29 PM: RP reports a noise complaint.  Dispatched officer reports subject lowered music at that time.

Suspicious Activity 09:31PM: RP reports while responding to a noise complaint observing four male subjects located near the bike shed outside acting suspiciously. Violation of college policy regarding drugs reported.

College Violation 11:06 PM: RP called to report a noise complaint. Dispatched officers report residents observed in violation of college policies.

College Violation 11:20PM: Officers report a noise complaint. Officers spoke with students who have complied with request to disperse or lower the volume.

College Violation 11:53PM: RP reports a noise complaint. Dispatched officers report loud music lowered. Additional violations observed involving drugs and alcohol. Report issued.

Saturday Nov. 22

College Violation at Howe Hall 12:20 AM: RP reports loud noise and suspicious odor. Dispatched Officers report call unfounded.

College Violation at Moore Way 12:55AM: RP reports a noise complaint. Dispatched Officers report loud music and loud talking lowered upon request.

Fire Alarm 03:00AM at Dayton Drive: Fire alarm activation received. Dispatched Officers and Maintenance. Fire Department notified. Officers report cause of alarm due to cooking. Report issued.

Suspicious Activity at Case Center Lot 6:30PM: RP reports a suspicious person by the dormitories. Officer dispatched reports subject identified. No further problems.

Fire Alarm at Whitman Way 08:52PM: Fire alarm activation received. Officers, Maintenance and SSFD dispatched. Activation due to aerosol can spray. Report issued.

Sunday Nov. 23

College Violation at Sussman Apartments 01:07AM: RP reports a noise complaint. Dispatched officer reports speaking to the residents who agreed to lower the volume.

College Violation at Mccellan Hall 01:31AM: RP reporting loud subjects in lobby. Officer dispatched and subjects GOA.

Criminal Mischief at Mccellan Hall 01:57AM: Officer reports a broken light cover. Damage recorded. Report issued.

College Violation at Whitman Way 02:00AM: RP reports noise complaint. Officer dispatched report call unfounded. No noise detected.

Monday Nov. 24

College Violation-Noise at Wilmarth Hall 12:48AM: RP reports loud music. Officer reports student turned music down.

Campus Safety Assist at Kimball Hall 9:19AM: RP states person(s) unknown tried to start a fire in the covered entrance. Officer dispatched to take report.

Harassment at North Hall 2:00PM: RP reports mechanical harassment to Skidmore cell phone. Report taken.

Animals at Palamountain 6:43PM: RP reports a bat flying in the hallway. Officer unable to locate bat at this time.

Tuesday Nov. 25

Suspicious Odor at Jonnson Tower 7:45PM: RP reports an odor of incense. Officer dispatched, report taken.

Wednesday Nov. 26

Liquor Law Violation at Wait Hall 10:03AM: RP requests an Officer respond to confiscate found alcohol. Report generated.

Fire Alarm-Other at Sussman Apartment A 1:26PM: Fire alarm activation received. Units dispatched, due to cooking. Report generated.

Thursday Nov. 27

Power Outage 12:30AM: Unplanned power outage campus wide. Power restored, report generated.

Power Outage 11:47AM: Experiencing a campus wide power out at this time, power restored. Report generated.




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