Campus Safety Reports Nov.7-Nov.13

Campus Safety Report Friday, November 7


  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – NOISE 12:36 AM: RP called for loud noise in Kimball Hall. Disp. Officers who report the group was asked to quiet down and they complied.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – NOISE 2:22 AM: RP stated there is loud noise on Whitman Way. Disp. Officers.
  • BURGLARY - NO FORCE 11:32am: RP reports sometime between 2pm and 4pm yesterday person(s) cash from stolen from room in Penfield Hall. Disp. Officer. Report made.
  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 3:03pm: Report of missing pool sticks in Kimball Hall. Report made.
  • BURGLARY - NO FORCE 9:12PM: RP reports money missing from room in Wilmarth Hall. Report taken.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – NOISE 11:45 PM: RP reported loud noise on Moore Way. Dispatched Officers. Group dispersed.


Saturday, November 8


  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – NOISE 12:26 AM: RP reported a noise complaint on Dayton Drive. Dispatched Officer who reports loud music. Volume lowered.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – NOISE 12:50 AM: RP reports a noise complaint in Sussman Apartments. Dispatched Officer who reports loud talking. Subjects lowered volume upon request.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – NOISE 2:15 AM: Officers heard loud music on Whitman Way. Occupants told to turn music down.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION CONTRABAND CONFISCATION 11:55 pm Officer reports confiscating a flask containing alcohol on Falstaff’s Pavilion. Alcohol dumped. Flask tagged and bagged.


Sunday, November 9


  • FIRE-NON RESIDENTIAL 12:57 AM: RP reports seeing a small campfire behind Chapel. Dispatched Officer who reports students ran away and fire was extinguished.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY11:20 am - RP reports finding piles of human hair in the bathroom and hallway of Wiecking Hall. Officer and Housekeeping dispatched. Owner located. All is okay.
  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 11:35 am – RP reports an EXIT sign torn from the ceiling on the first floor of Wiecking Hall. Report generated.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 11:50 am – RP reports 2 suspicious people in Northwoods. Disp. Officer who searched the area. Subjects were gone upon officer arrival.
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER7:46 PM: Fire alarm activation due to burnt popcorn in Sussman Apartments


Monday, November 10


  • FALSELY REPORT AN INCIDENT 7:32am - RP reports finding a suspicious note stating regarding the denotation of a bomb in an academic building. Disp. Officer, SSPD, and nearby Police Agencies.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 9:20AM: RP reports unknown person entered apartment the day before in Sussman Apartments. Report taken. Found to be employee working on a problem in the apartment.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 10:40am - RP states the entire floor reeks of marijuana in Jonsson Tower. 12:04pm - Disp. Officer to conduct a walk-through. Officer states there is still a faint odor of marijuana by the elevators; however, he is unable to determine the source of the odor.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 1:00PM: RP reports suspicious odor in Jonsson Tower. Officer dispatched, report taken.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 2:09PM: RP reports person on bicycle with big bags on side in Case Center Green. Officer dispatched.
  • HARRASSMENT – SIMPLE 2:20 p.m.: RP reports that an unknown male assaulted her boyfriend while they were having lunch at a cafe Saratoga Springs.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 2:20 p.m.: RP reports that an unknown male assaulted her boyfriend while they were having lunch at a cafe Saratoga Springs.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 04:43 PM: RP called to report a male playing a trumpet and yelling out about religion. Disp. Officers who identified the male and advised him to leave campus and not return.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 7:48 pm. Multiple reports of a burning odor around Campus. Advised Officers.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 09:46 PM: RP reports a suspicious odor. Disp. officers. Officers unable to location any odor. 11:15 PM: RP called back stating there is a suspicious odor. Disp. officer.



Tuesday, November 11


  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 1:04pm: RP reports someone broke off her side view mirror on her car in west lot
  • ACCIDENT 2:08pm: RP states he has accidentally backed into a pickup truck at the loading dock in Case Center Lot. Disp. Officer who responded and took a report.


Wednesday, November 12


  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – NOISE 1:26 AM: RP approached a group of students being loud in Wilmarth Hall. They were instructed to lower the volume.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 8:09pm RP reports a rumor of someone building an explosive device in Northwoods. Disp. Officers who report locating the person who was building parts for a computer. No illegal activity occurring.
  • CRIMINAL POSSESSION OF STOLEN PROPERTY 8:40pm. RP reported observing two unauthorized males driving a college-owned golf cart in Harder Hall Lot. Disp. Officers who report locating the golf cart and males; identified as a students and reprimanded for their actions.


Thursday, November 13, 2014


  • CAMPUS SAFETY ASSIST 08:26AM: RP called requesting a welfare check on her son in Rounds Hall. Officer dispatched and message delivered.
  • PARKING 10:55AM: Officer reports booting a vehicle parked in Tower Lot due to it having numerous tickets for the same violations. Report issued.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY11:15PM: RP reports a suspicious activity in Howe Hall. Dispatched officers. Officers report speaking with a student who was upset. Situation alleviated.
  • ACCIDENT 11:58PM: RP reports an auto accident at the bottom of Wait hill. Officers on scene. Officers report no injuries. Car was moved to West lot.


Nov. 7 Faculty Meeting

Women's basketball edged in season opener