Campus Safety Reports Oct.31-Nov.6

Campus Safety ReportOctober 31, 2014 – Friday

  • BURGLARY 11:00AM: RP reports possible burglary in dorm room of Rounds Hall. Officer dispatched, report taken.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 1:42PM: RP reports a burning hair/plastic odor in Art Center. Facilities on scene trying to locate the odor. Odor coming from hot wax in sculpture room.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION 10:47PM: RP called to report a large gathering in a room in Kimball Hall. Officers dispatched, report generated.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 11:56PM: RP called to report a large party in Sussman Apartments. Officers dispatched, group dispersed, report generated.


November 1, 2014- Saturday

  • CAMPUS SAFETY ASSIST 12:11AM: RP called to report that he has called SSPD to advise of a large party off campus that is out of control. Officers advised.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 2:43AM: RP reports females are being too loud in Sussman Apartments. Officer dispatched, spoke with students who agreed to quiet down.
  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 1:22PM: Officer reports graffiti in the north side elevator wall in Jonsson Tower. Report generated.
  • LARCENY 5:00PM: Student reports her cell phone was stolen and is currently at an off-campus location. Report filed with SSPD.
  • CAMPUS SAFETY ASSIST 6:18PM: RP has wallet and requests to give directly to student. SSPD contacted & student contacted. Report generated.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 10:43PM: RP caller reports excessive noise in Sussman Apartments. Students agreed to quiet down.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 10:51PM: RP reports a suspicious odor in Jonsson Tower. Officer dispatched, report generated.
  • LIQUOR LAW VIOLATION 11:21PM: Officer reports a Liquor Law Violation in Rounds Hall. Alcohol violation referral.


November 2, 2014- Sunday


  • COLLEGE VIOLATION- 01:58AM: RP reports excessive noise on Whitman Way. Officers dispatched reports residents lowered volume upon request.
  • LIQUOR LAW VIOLATION 01:33AM: RP reports liquor law violation in plain view in Penfield Hall. Report issued.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 12:53PM: RP reports a suspicious odor in Tower. Officer dispatched report no odor detected.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 08:03PM: RP reports a complaint of a suspicious odor emanating from the third floor of Jonsson Tower. Campus safety dispatched and no odor was detected.
  • BURGLARY 08:32PM: RP reported items missing from his room in Penfield Hall. Investigation initiated and report issued.


November 3, 2014- Monday


  • COLLEGE VIOLATION 12:16AM: RP reports excessive noise from third floor common area in Penfield Hall. Officers dispatched report group was located and instructed to lower the volume. All complied.
  • FIRE ALARM 01:50AM: Fire alarm activated on Moore Way. Campus Safety Officers, SSFD, and maintenance dispatched. Burnt food determined to be cause. Report issued.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 10:05AM: RP reports odor of marijuana in Jonsson Tower. Officer dispatched reports source of odor undetermined.
  • HARRASSMENT 11:04AM: RP reports unwanted contact by student in Jonsson Tower. Report issued.
  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 12:40PM: RP reports permanent graffiti in stairwell of Jonsson Tower. Officer dispatched reports report issued and damage documented.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 08:56PM: RP reports a suspicious activity in Wiecking. Officers canvassed area for suspicious subject with negative results. Periodic checks made. No problems reported. Report issued.


November 4, 2014 –Tuesday

  • COLLEGE VIOLATION 12:15AM: Excessive noise complaint on Whitman Way. Dispatched officers report condition corrected. Noise level lowered by residents.
  • FIRE ALARM 09:22AM: Fire alarm activation received on Cane Crossing. Dispatched officers, maintenance, and SSFD. Source of activation determined to be a humidifier. Report issued.
  • LARCENY 08:00PM: RP reports items of clothing taken from the third floor storage room of Wilmarth Hall. Investigation initiated and report issued.


November 5, 2014 - Wednesday

  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-Skateboarding 7:48PM: Officer reports skateboarders at the loading dock in Case Center Lot. Officer requests the two subjects to leave and they complied.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-Noise 11:18PM: RP reports a noise complaint in Penfield Hall. Officer reports subjects in area talking.


November 6, 2014 - Thursday

  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 2:38AM: RP reports noise complaint in common area of Wilmarth Hall. Students told to quiet down.
  • FIRE DRILLS 10:26AM: Fire alarm testing conducted. Found to be a good drill. In Greenburg Child Care Center
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER 08:26PM: Fire alarm activation received in Sussman Apartments. Units dispatched, due to cooking.

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