Social Justice Month 2014 Events

creativeactionmattersSaturday, November 1

Kickoff: Social Justice Month Showcase

9:30PM Spa

Social Justice Month is having a kickoff event to officially start the month-long movement. Skidaiko, Ujima STEP, and various individuals will be performing interspersed with presentations of the three main themes of the month: Education, Human Rights, and Hunger & Homelessness. There will also be free Plum Dandy Cookies and Chipotle.

Monday, November 3

Environmental Justice: Brown Bag Dialogue - Energy, Exploitation, and Solutions

8PM ICL - Office of Student Diversity Affairs & Skidmore Unplugged

Ever thought about the impact of energy production on communities of color? Are campaigns such as Skidmore Unplugged effective? What are possible solutions to make a difference? Come join OSDP and Skidmore Unplugged in raising awareness on the implications of energy production in marginalized communities. Dinner will be provided.

Tuesday, November 4

Educational Equality: Film Screening of “To Educate a Girl”

8PM Emerson Auditorium - UNICEF

Sponsored by Skidmore's UNICEF Chapter, "To Educate a Girl" is a documentary highlighting the stories of several girls in Nepal and Uganda to investigate the barriers to equal access to education for girls.

Wednesday, Saturday 5

Fracking: Film Screening of "Triple Divide"

6PM I Emerson Auditorium - Skidmore Unplugged

Shale gas extraction has inevitable impacts. Public Herald’s documentary “Triple Divide” investigates how these impacts are being handled by the state and industry. The story highlights the need for more investigative journalism and detailed discussion. A discussion led by a Skidmore faculty member will be followed.

Saturday, November 8

Educational Outreach: Cultural Night Market

9PM Spa - Asian Cultural Awareness Club

Come learn about various cultures with performances, food, and gifts from a variety of clubs such as ACA, Skidaiko, NihonGo!, HAYAT, African Culture Club, and Chinese Culture Club. All proceeds will be donated to the Franklin Community Center, which supports at-risk children with afterschool programs.

Monday, November 10

Geoengineering: Film Screening of “What In The World Are They Spraying”

8PM Davis Auditorium – United Minds

This documentary investigates the phenomenon known as geoengineering. It pictures the story of a rapidly developing industry called geoengineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water – all supposedly for the betterment of mankind, but the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health.

Tuesday, November 11

Settler Colonialism: Brown Bag Dialogue & Workshop: Kat Yang-Stevens and Settler Colonialism

12:30PM ICC, 4:30PM ICC - Office of Student Diversity Programs

Kat Yang-Stevens is a cisgender queer woman and first generation Asian American of Chinese ancestry living on occupied Cayuga nation territories, they center the needs of communities living on the front-lines of environmental racism and degradation and work to address intra-movement racism and the barriers that it presents to creating meaningful multicultural alliances. The Brown Bag Dialogue and workshop on settler colonialism will focus on what settler colonialism is and the connections between settler colonialism and the oppression of indigenous communities.

Tuesday, November 11

Political Conflict: Discussion about ISIS with Professor Ocakli

7PM Davis Auditorium – Hayat & International Student Union

Professor Ocakli from the Government Department will provide an informative lecture about the current state of the issue regarding to ISIS. The talk will be followed by an open disucssion and Q&A session.

Wednesday, November 12

Community Organizations: Presentations from The Giving Circle & Seeds For Peace

8PM Emerson Auditorium – Benef-Action

Mark Bertrand, a local Saratogian, will be giving a presentation regarding his volunteer work through his founding of The Giving Circle, an organization with a mission to connect communities in need locally, nationally, and internationally with those with the resources to help. Additionally, Sue Johnson, who founded Seeds For Peace, an organization that provides garden tools to war- and weather- ravaged people in many nations will also give a talk.

Monday, November 17

Undocumented Students and Education: Brown Bag Dialogue - A Dreamer’s Nightmare: The Lack of Access to Education for Undocumented Students

5PM ICC - Office of Student Diversity Programs & Melvin Alvarez-Ortez ‘15

Ever wondered about the role that liberal arts institutions such as Skidmore play in accommodating undocumented students? Do you think that the Dream Act is effective? Are we violating human rights for DREAMERS? Come join the conversation for this special Brown Bag brought to you by OSDP and Melvin Alvarez-Ortez ‘15. Dinner will be provided.

Monday, November 17

Food Insecurity: Film Screening of “A Place at the Table”

7PM Library Viewing Room – SkidEats

50 Million Americans—1 in 4 children—don’t know where their next meal is coming from. This documentary highlights the stories of three such Americans. A Place at the Table shows how the issue could be solved forever, once the American public decides that ending hunger is in the best interests of us all.

Tuesday, November 18

Reproductive Justice: The Politics of Sex and Reproductive Justice - Lecture by Sara Alcid

7PM Gannett Auditorium - VOX

Sara Alcid from Everyday Feminism is a reproductive health and justice advocate based in Washington, DC. As a queer feminist with an academic background in Gender and Sexuality Studies, Sara bridges her strong theoretical and historical understanding of feminism with a modern practice of radical everyday feminism. Her work and writing ranges from the intersection of environmental health and reproductive health to dating as a feminist. While at Skidmore, she is going to discuss sexual assault on college campuses and how this social problem directly impacts reproductive right.

Wednesday, November 19

Microloans and Poverty: Film Screening of “Bonsai People”

7:30PM Emerson Auditorium - FeelGood

FeelGood believes in partnership, not charity. This philosophy is embodied in Bonsai People, a documentary about different individuals and communities that end their own hunger and rise out of poverty through the use of microcredit loans. Small loans of money can be used to spark an individual business, which in turn can create an economy between multiple communities.

Thursday, November 20

World Hunger: Hunger Banquet

7PM Tang Teaching Museum – Carmen Lin ’16 & Josh Saunders ‘15

The Hunger Banquet is an interactive event that allows participants to experience how our decisions affect others in the world. The banquet will help participants visualize and understand the current global hunger problem. Professor Nurcan Atalan-Helicke from the Environmental Studies Program will lead a discussion about food insecurity and food distribution. RSVP at

Thursday, November 20

Climate Refugees: Film Screening of “The Island President”

7PM - 9PM 2nd Floor Dining Hall - International Student Union

The Island President is a documentary about the efforts of then-President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed to tackle rising sea levels resulting from climate change. It follows his first year of office, and shows a rare and candid glimpse into the politics of environmental issues, and lets us see what life is like in the Maldives, the lowest lying nation on earth. The movie screening will be followed by a Q&A/discussion panel.

Friday, November 21

Homelessness and LGBTQ People of Color: Screening of “Pier Kids: The Life”

5PM  ICC - Queer Lives In Color

Pier Kids: The Life follows three gay and transgender youth of color over the course of three years who, after being kicked out of their home for their sexuality, have become homeless on the same NYC street the Gay Rights Movement began on so long ago.

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