Alpine Sport Shop: A Saratoga Native

By Billie Kanfer '16, Features EditorAlpine Sport Shop

Many students around campus know the name Alpine, but not for the ski shop that sits at the bottom of  Clinton Street hill right next to Skidmore. Down the big hill, at the first left is a wooden building with a retro sign out front that reads, “Alpine Sport Shop.”

The shop has been around since 1941 when Ed Taylor founded the store on Spring Street, by Skidmore’s old campus in town. In 1966, Thurlow Woodcock bought the store and moved it to its current location to accommodate Skidmore students, who once consumed most of the ski shops customer base. When Skidmore was all-women, Alpine Sport Shop made sure that they carried ladies apparel and catered to that demographic. Over the years, they have morphed their shop to adjust to the now co-ed college while still remaining a family-owned-and-run business since Woodcock purchased the store in 1966.

After opening the large wooden door, you step in to the ski-chalet-esque interior, greeted by their dog, Gilda, and a wood-burning fireplace accompanied by a large leather couch. Julia Lee, the granddaughter of Woodcock, said that, “we want people, especially Skidmore students, to know that our shop isn’t just for tuning, ski/snowboarding, but also for your winter apparel needs.” The shop is filled with clothing, aside from your typical skiing and snowboarding essentials. Their selection is vast and definitely caters towards the Northeast weather. Julia also reminded me that much of their collection is considered, “lifestyle.” Men, women and children would find all their winter needs in the Alpine Sport Shop—or if you’re a Skidmore student who has brought their own skiing and snowboarding equipment, you will be glad to know that they offer tuning in the downstairs portion of the shop.

If you are not one who brings their boards with them, then the shop offers daily rentals for only $39.95. Alpine Sport Shop caters to Skidmore students as well with their 10% discount and their bus services to various mountains including Okemo and Bromley. For an all-inclusive price, you receive a lift ticket and a bus ride to and from the mountain. More events are also listed on their website,

Alpine Sport Shop has also partnered with Skidmore’s Outing Club for a fundraising event taking place Sat., Nov. 8th in Ganett Auditorium at 7 pm where a Warren Miller movie called “No Turning Back” will be screened. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door and proceeds will go to Double H Ranch, a local organization for young kids.

To learn more about the event, visit the shop’s website, or look for posters around. If you attend, you also receive a free lift ticket to Sugarbush mountain!

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