What is The Dream Share Project? This is a program about chasing your dreams…

By The Career Development Center I'm told there is hope for the English major.

The Dream Share Project is an inspirational documentary film and workshop that will be right here on Skidmore’s campus on Tuesday, Nov. 11, at 7 p.m. in the Spa.

In the film, two recent college graduates, Chip and Alexis, will take students on a road trip across America, as they seek information on how individuals have successfully chased their dreams. In their search they wanted to learn how others have discovered their passion, committed to a dream, and how they faced the inevitable challenges that occurred along the way. In their journey Chip and Alexis wanted to explore and find out exactly how they might redefine success for the Millennial generation.

According to CBS News, 55% of Americans are unsatisfied with their jobs with 18 to 24-year-olds being the most highly dissatisfied; plus it has been reported that 33% of the work force shows signs of depression (Families and Work Institute), so Chip and Alexis decided that they would learn ways about how others have followed their passion and then pass that information on to college students across America.

In their experience they were able to get advice from an Olympic skier, a slam poet, one of the original Latin Kings of Comedy, a Project Runway fashion designer, the CEO of a sustainable flip flop company, the founder of South by Southwest Festival, plus many, many more.

The Dream Share Project is an uplifting film that hopes to encourage people to live up to their fullest potential and reject societal pressures that keep telling us all to just “play it safe.”

First 20 attendees will also receive a free copy of Chip's book, “Build Your Dreams: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love”


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