Campus Safety Reports Oct. 10th - 16th

Campus Safety Report Friday, October 10 2014

  • DRUG LAW VIOLATION 1:09AM: RP reports students smoking marijuana in Wiecking Hall. Drug law violation referral created.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 12:22PM: RP reports a gas odor in the laundry room area of Sussman Apartments. SSFD contacted, laundry company fixed problem.
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER 5:41PM: Fire Alarm activation received. Officers, maintenance and SSFD advised. Alarm due to cooking, report generated.
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER 7:05PM: Fire alarm activation received. Officers, Maintenance and SSFD dispatched. Alarm from shower steam, report generated.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION 10:47PM: Officer reports a college alcohol violation in Wiecking Hall. Report generated.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION 11:30PM: Noise complaint reported. Officers requested some of the guests leave due to being over allowed limit. Students complied.


Saturday, October 11 2014

  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 12:00AM: RP reports noise complaint in Sussman Apartments. Officer dispatched, loud TV.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 12:32AM: RP reports people talking loudly on Dayton Drive. Officer dispatched, people walking by talking.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 1:52AM: RP reported loud talking in McClellan Hall. Officers reports a group of students talking loudly.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 1:57AM: RP reports loud noise in Sussman Apartments. Officer reports loud music, students complied with request to turn volume down.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 2:35AM: RP reports a noise complaint on Dayton Drive. Officers dispatched, students complied.
  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 12:30PM: RP reports damage to ceiling in Wiecking Hall, exit sign. Officer dispatched, report taken. Maintenance advised.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 4:19PM: RP reports a suspicious odor in Jonsson Tower. Officer dispatched, report taken.
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER 7:47PM: Fire alarm received in Penfield Hall. Officers, Maintenance and SSFD dispatched. Alarm due to cooking, report generated.
  • CAMPUS SAFETY ASSIST 9:20PM: RP requested a welfare check in Sussman Apartments. Officers dispatched, student is okay.
  • CAMPUS SAFETY ASSIST 10:58PM: RP reports an older male walking in Sussman Apartments. Officers report conducted a check of area, subject gone on arrival.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 11:32PM: RP reports a noise complaint on Whitman Way. Officers spoke with residents who would comply with turning music down.


Sunday, October 12 2014

  • DRUG LAW VIOLATION 12:52AM: Drug law violation referral. Items confiscated from McClellan Hall. Report made.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 1:27AM: RP reports loud music on Whitman Way. Officers report people outside apartment, dispersed upon request.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 9:17PM: RP reports a suspicious odor in Wait Hall. Officers dispatched, source not located.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 9:24PM: RP reports a suspicious odor in Howe Hall. Officers dispatched, unfounded.


Monday, October 13 2014

  • NEIGHBOR COMPLAINT 2:57PM: RP called advising damage done to her residence in past weeks. Report generated.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 10:59 PM: RP states loud noise on Whitman Way. Dispatched officers who report area quiet upon their arrival.


Tuesday, October 14 2014

  • MISAPPLICATION OF PROPERTY 10/14/14 @ 1:15 p.m.: RP reports a laptop computer missing from his inventory in Harder Hall. 10/15/15 at 10:44 a.m.: Laptop recovered. Investigation continued.
  • WELFARE CHECKS 06:24 PM: RP request a welfare check of student. Disp. officer.
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER 09:16 PM: Fire alarm received on Dayton Drive. Disp. Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD. Alarm due to shower steam.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE/SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY- 10:13 PM: RP called to report someone is screaming in Kimball Hall. Disp. officers. Officers report that someone was being tickled and was screaming.


Wednesday, October 15 2014

  • HARRASSMENT – SIMPLE 2:42am: RP reports just being assaulted by another student in Northwoods Apartment Complex. Officers dispatched. Report taken.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR: 12:13 pm - RP reports a smell of gasoline in the air at the Art Center. Officer dispatched but could not detect smell. Unfounded.
  • FIRE NON RESIDENTIAL 02:24 pm - RP notified Campus Safety that the Greenfield Fire District is on an active working brush fire on the Mountain Bike trail system near the Stable area. Officers notified and dispatched to the scene.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – NOISE 11:47 PM: RP called to report that subjects are being too loud in the first floor common room of Wait Hall. Disp. Officers who report no problems found. Six subjects watching a movie and it was not too loud.


October 16, 2014 – Thursday


  • COLLEGE VIOLATION: 01:24AM: RP reports excessive noise in Wait Hall. Dispatched Officer reports three students watching TV who agreed to lower volume.
  • PARKING: 01:30PM: Officer reports finding vehicle parked behind building on Cane Crossing. Officer issued ticket and booted the vehicle for excessive tickets.
  • CAMPUS SAFETY ASSIST 11:36PM: Noise complaint received in Kimball Hall. Officers report residents agreed to lower volume upon request.

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