Campus Safety Reports Sept. 26-Oct.2

Campus Safety ReportINCIDENTS OF NOTE:  

  • Wednesday, October 1 2014: INFORMATION RECEIVED ON KIDNAPPING: 5:30 AM received information concerning a suspect wanted by the NYPD that may be in the Saratoga Springs area. Advised all Officers and On-Call supervisor. Lockdown put in place. Investigation by outside Police Agencies ensued. Suspect captured on campus. Evidentiary investigation ensued.


Friday, September 26 2014

  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 2:40pm - RP reports a suspicious odor in Wait Hall. Disp. Officer who confiscated items. Report made.
  • EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT TESTING 3:59pm - Campus Safety in conjunction with the Communications Office conducted a semi-annual test of the Emergency Management Systems and found all to be operational at this time.
  • FIRE ALARM-ACCIDENTAL 9:03pm - Received a fire alarm for the Sports Center. Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 10:46pm - RP states there is a suspicious person at the Spa in Case Center who is making students feel uncomfortable. Officers who located subject and will be escorting him from the area.
  • LIQUOR LAW VIOLATION 10:47pm - Officer reports an alcohol violation. In Jonsson Tower Report made.
  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 10:53pm - RP reports damage to the sheetrock at the base of the wall of Kimball Hall. Photos taken. Report made.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – NOISE 11:05 PM Noise complaint in Sussman Apartments Officers who report area is quiet at this time.

Saturday, September 27 2014

  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – NOISE 1:15 AM: RP reports loud noise in Wilmarth Hall. Dispatched Officers who report no noise at this time.
  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF- 2:07 AM RP reports a male hitting something with a baseball bat in Cane Crossing. Dispatched Officers who confiscated the bat. Report made.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – NOISE 2:59 AM: RP reports loud noise coming from first floor of Wait Hall. Dispatched Officer who reports GOA.
  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 3:24 AM: Officer reports graffiti on north elevator walls of Jonsson Tower. Photos taken. Report made.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 3:20 AM: RP reports that when he came back to his room he found a male sleeping in his bed in Jonsson Tower. Dispatched Officers. Officers unable to locate individual. Subject GOA.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 6:45am: RP reported finding a male sleeping on the floor in classroom in Ladd Hall. Disp. Officers who identified the male and escorted him from the building.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 08:58 am - RP reports a suspicious vehicle outside Harder Hall. Officer dispatched. Vehicle found to be unoccupied. Officer checked the area for owner but were not able to locate subject. Officer cleared. Officer rechecked the area at 10:05 am and the vehicle was gone.
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER 7:22pm - Fire alarm received from Sussman Apartments. Officer, Maintenance and advised SSFD. Alarm was due to a burning candle. SSFD advised and continued response. Alarm reset.
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER 8:07pm - Fire alarm received from Sussman Apartments. Officer, Maintenance and SSFD.  Due to cooking. Alarm reset.
  • GRAFFITI 8:55pm - Officer noted graffiti in the stairwell of Jonsson Tower. Photos taken. Report made.
  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 9:14pm - RP reports a hole punched in the wall of Wiecking Hall. Photos taken. Report made.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 9:54pm - RP states there are three males that appear to be sitting on the apartment roof at Dayton Drive. Officer who reports subjects GOA.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – NOISE 10:44pm - RP states there is a large gathering of students congregating on Tower Greens who may have alcohol. Officers who report no problems at this time.  Group is playing a game with no alcohol present.


Sunday, September 28 2014

  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY- 12:18am - RP states there is a person dressed all in black with a hood on just standing on the hill overlooking the parking lot in Northwoods. Officers searched both Northwoods and Sussman Village to no avail ~ subject GOA.
  • CAMPUS SAFETY ASSIST 4:50 PM: RP states the Woodlawn street sign is missing and requests Campus Safety keep a look out for it in case it appears on campus.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 9:20 PM: RP reports there are two older males rummaging through recycle bins in Northwoods Apartments. Officers dispatched. 9:44 PM: Officer reports several students picking through trash dumpsters for a lost item. Students were asked to stop and clear out and complied.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 10:53 PM: RP reports a suspicious odor in the basement of Wait Hall. Officer dispatched. Unfounded.


Monday, September 29 2014

  • CAMPUS SAFETY ASSIST- 12:09 AM: Received 911 call from Kimball North Entry. Dispatched Officers who report no one in the area and no emergency exists in the area at this time.
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER 12:42PM: Fire alarm activation received. Disp. Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD. Due to cooking in Sussman Apartments, report generated.
  • AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT 2:45 p.m.: RP reports receiving harassing/annoying messages from an acquaintance. Report made.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – OTHER 5:30PM: RP reports students on balcony of Jonsson Tower. Report made. Balcony closed.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – OTHER 05:07 PM: RP observed a couple of people who may be smoking marijuana outside Wilson Chapel. Officer who reports subjects are rolling their own cigarettes with regular tobacco.
  • BURGLARY - NO FORCE 05:30 PM: RP in office to file a report of a missing camera in Kimball Hall. Report made.
  • CAMPUS SAFETY ASSIST 08:38 PM: RP called stating that she could hear yelling coming from a bathroom while she was in the 2nd floor hallway of Ladd Hall.  Officers who report no one in either bathroom.  Unable to locate any problem.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR 10:43 PM: RP reports a suspicious odor near Scribner Library.  Officer who report the odor has dissipated and no one is in the area currently.


Tuesday, September 30 2014

  • WELFARE CHECKS- 1:31 PM 1:31pm: RP request a check be made for daughter living in Sussman Apartments as she has been feeling ill and cannot be reached. Disp. Officer who reports Student is fine and is calling her mom.
  • TRESPASS ENTERS WITHOUT PERMISSION- 4:05 PM RP called stating there is a person going through the recyclables in Northwoods. Officers who identified and warned subject off campus and told not to return.
  • WELFARE CHECKS- 10:12 PM RP called requesting a welfare check for her son in Rounds Hall. Officers who located student in his room.  He states that his phone is dead but will return the call when phone is charged. Called parent and advised her.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY- 8:01 AM RP States the door to room in Rounds Hall is wide open and neither occupant is there. A call placed to both occupants went right to voicemail. Dispatched Officer who reports locating once occupant asleep in bed and the other occupant was reached successfully by cell phone at this time
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY- 2:58 PM RP called stating there is a couple walking down Clinton St carrying something like a sleeping bag. Officers checked the area to no avail. Subjects GOA.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY- 1:00 PM RP advised of an incident which occurred last week in the Northwoods and Falstaff’s lot making her feel very uncomfortable regarding a strange male existing the Northwood trails at Falstaff’s Lot and thought she should report it due to todays incident. Report made.


 Thursday, October 2, 2014


  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR- at 11:20 AM RP called stating there is an odor of gas in the area of Case Center and the Library. Dispatched Officer and Maintenance who report they are unable to detect any gas odor at this time. RP was advised to contact Facilities or Campus Safety immediately if the odor returns.
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER – at 11:43 AM Fire alarm sounded. Dispatched officers who report alarm caused by cooking. SSFD advised. Report made.
  • AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT- at 2:10 PM RP received an e-mail from an unknown person that was critical of a coach
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER- at 4:26 PM Fire alarm received from Sussman Apartments. Officers dispatched, maintenances and advised SSFD. Due to cooking.
  • NOISE- 8:04 PM Officer dispatched to noise complaint in Sussman apartments and reports call was unfounded. No excessive noise found.
  • NOISE- 10:37 PM RP reported loud music and excessive noise from Sussman Apartments. Officer responded and residents of apartment complied in turning down noise.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR- 10:38 PM, RP reported a suspicious odor. Officer checked and was unable to determine the source.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE- 11:34 PM Officer dispatched to loud noise disturbance call relating to an encounter from earlier in the evening of same nature near Sussman Apartments. Officer reports unregistered party. Report made.

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