Campus Safety Reports Sept. 19-25

Campus Safety Report Friday, September 19 2014


  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE: 12:23 AM report of a noise complaint in Cane Crossing. Officers stated unfounded.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR: 9:06 AM report of an odor of natural gas in the Jonsson Tower Lot. No odor located.
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER: 9:37 AM fire alarm activation received from Sussman Apartments H. Report generated, due to cooking.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR: 10:55 PM report of a suspicious odor in Wait Hall. Drug law violation referral and alcohol violation referral. Report generated.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE: 1144 PM report of loud noise coming from North Woods. Officers dispatched, students complied.


Saturday, September 20 2014


  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 12:21 AM: Individual discovered a hole in the wall of Starbuck Center by a stairway. Report made.
  • FIRE ALARM APPARATUS: 12:16 AM: Report that the cover to the fire alarm in Jonsson Tower was accidentally bumped into and is emitting a small audible alarm. Officers dispatched and rectified the situation.
  • NEIGHBORHOOD COMPLAINTS: 1:09 PM: Individual reports that during the previous evening some items were removed from his front lawn on Clinton St. and damage was done to this vehicle. RP advised to contact SSPD for follow-up report.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE: 9:28 PM Officer responded to a noise complaint in Jonsson Tower stating that a student was in the common hallway area playing a guitar. He was advised to lower the volume.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE: 11:41 PM Received a report of loud music in Northwoods Apartment Complex. Dispatched Officers report occupants were advised to lower the volume.


Sunday, September 21 2014


  • COLLEGE VIOLATION: 12:09 AM Officers report an authorized party in Moore Way. Crowd dispersed without incident.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION: 2:35 AM Excessive noise complaint in Jonsson Tower. Officers report occupants complied with request to lower volume.
  • CAMPUS SAFETY ASSIST: 4:20 AM SSPD informed of a motor vehicle accident property damage only hit and run. Campus Safety Officers canvassed area to SSPD
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: 8:24 PM Officer reports suspicious activity on the Perimeter road. A male non-student was asked to leave campus and complied without incident.


Monday, September 22 2014


  • TRESPASS: 8:15 AM report that a person was in the dumpster. Officer reports person gone on arrival
  • ACCIDENT: 5:25 PM Individual filed a property damage auto accident report. Reports generated, photos taken.


Tuesday, September 23 2014


  • GRAFFITI: 10:37 AM Officer reports being advised by a student walking to class that there is graffiti on the front of the building in Sussman Apartments. Officer reports locating the graffiti and has taken three photos.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: 11:09 AM Individual called stating there is a suspicious male walking around in the North Hall Lot looking at vehicles. Individual states he is acting very suspicious. Dispatched Officer reports finding the subject who stated that he is visiting someone in the Harder Hall. Subject was reunited with the employee.
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER: 2:27pm: Fire alarm sounded in Sussman Apartments. Disp. All Units and contacted SSFD. Burnt food caused the alarm.
  • LARCENY FROM BUILDINGS: 09:09 PM: RP reports a found glove went missing in the Dining Hall when the owner attempted to claim it. Report taken.
  • SKATEBOARDING ON CAMPUS: 4:20 PM Individual called stating that there are skateboarders near the warehouse of North Hall. Dispatched Officers who report subjects GOA.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE: 9:28 PM RP called to report a noise complaint in Sussman Apartments. Dispatched Officer who spoke with occupants due to loud music and they have agreed to turn it down.


Wednesday, September 24 2014


  • BURGLARY: 2:11pm - RP reports headphones taken from her room in Wilmarth Hall about a week and a half ago and wants to report it due to the posted Safety Alerts.
  • BURGLARY: 2:38pm - In office at this time stating her passport is missing from her room in Howe Hall and believes it was stolen.


Thursday, September 25 2014


  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR: 12:22 AM: RP stated that there is a suspicious odor somewhere on the first floor of Wilmarth Hall.  C/S Officer dispatched.  Results are unfounded.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE: 12:26 AM, complaint of loud noise in McClellan Hall. C/S Officer dispatched. They were advised to lower the level and complied.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 3:03 AM: RP stated that there are two males leaving Dana and appear to be suspicious. C/S Officers dispatched.  No property damage noted.  Unable to location males.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 10:00am: RP reports someone opened and closed her door in Howe Hall last night. Report taken.
  • AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT: 9:25 AM RP reports an inappropriate message on a website. Report taken.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 12:19pm: RP contacted Campus Safety to report two vehicles outside the solar gate with no one inside. Disp. Officer who reports no vehicles in area at this time.
  • GRAFFITI: 12:55 PM RP called stating persons unknown have written all over the kitchenette with a black sharpie. Disp. Officer who spoke with RP took photos and report made.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: 4:47 PM RP called to report a student has advised her that someone has entered his room. Dispatched officer to Jonsson Tower.
  • FIRE ALARM-ACCIDENTAL 5:11 PM: Fire alarm activation received in Sports Center.  Officers and Notified Maintenance.  Advised SSFD.  Officer reports no smoke or fire.  U10 states alarm is due to a pull station in rec gym.
  • FIRE ALARM-OTHER 05:22 PM: Fire alarm activation received in McClellan Hall.  Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD.  Officer reports alarm is due to burnt food.

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