Nekisha Quinney: New Assistant Director of Athletics

1Nekisha Quinney has been the New Assistant Director of Athletics for the past month. I sat down with her to get to know her and see how her transition into the Skidmore community has been. As the new Assistant Director of Athletics, Quinney is responsible for a variety of things including managing the sports center, student employees, assisting the Associate Athletic Director with the management and upkeep of the athletic facilities, game day management, and much more.

Her time at Skidmore has been very busy, with no two days ever the same. For Quinney, getting to know the students is the best part about working in higher education. The students,along with the staff and faculty, have created a very welcoming community.

Quinney's main goal for the next couple of months, is getting to know Skidmore, the students, the history, the institutional culture, and assess how she can make a difference. Another goal for Quinney will be finding new ways to showcase the talent of our student-athletes. Skidmore’s student-athletes work very hard in the classroom and on the field/court. Quinney believes that our student-athletes deserve a crowd cheering them on in every game and match.

When not at Skidmore, she loves to cook and explore new places. And while she does not watch much television, Quinney loves Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy!

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