Dopapod Band Breaking Boundaries: Tomorrow's Performance at Putnam Den



By Blair Warren, Arts and Entertainment Editor

It’s hard to categorize the band Dopapod, as it seems to be of many genres. A combination of electronic, funk, and soul, the musicians see no stylistic margins. They do not hold back, disregarding norms and exploring their own groove. They have toured nationally with more than 150 shows per year, collecting listeners along the way.

Dopapod consists of Eli Winderman (keyboards), Rob Compa (guitar), Chuck Jones (bass) and Scotty Zwang (drums). When asked what inspired this type of music group, Rob Compa said that the inspiration was found in just being genuine to their own personalities. “It took a lot of experimenting and a lot of shows before it became what it is now. And if we're lucky, it will keep changing over the years. I can't speak for every musician, but I don't really have much of a vision behind what I want our music to sound like. I just feel like if we're having a great time and being ourselves, then the music will be honest and real.”

Compa explains that as a musician, the purpose is not to ensure that everybody likes the music, but rather that he likes it. “I'm not really in control of how people feel while we're playing. In the past I've spent a long time worrying about people's opinions and trying to make everybody happy, but you can't play one thing that one person will like without at least one other person having the opposite opinion about it. So at this point, we just play what we think is good and what we like. That is something we have control of. Life's too short to not play the kind of music you like!”

He also explains that inspiration can be found in anything. For Compa, he recently felt motivated to write about his concern that his next-door neighbor may be a serial killer. Whatever gets the creativity flowing! Below is a little description of each band member, from Compa’s understanding and for your entertainment:

“Eli Winderman is our keyboardist and our primary songwriter. He loves Pad Thai, Breaking Bad, vintage keyboards and is a big LeBron James fan. He can also fit his entire fist in his mouth."

“Chuck Jones is our bassist. Chuck loves staying in shape, goats, and pedals. He can name all 50 states in either alphabetical order or in chronological order based on when it was admitted into the Union."

“Scotty Zwang is our drummer and newest member. He loves the scent of lilacs, enjoys a good scotch now and again, and is a part time tattoo artist."

“My name is Rob Compa, and I play guitar. I enjoy playing guitar, looking up guitar equipment that I can't possibly afford, playing with my cat and dog, and making up completely falsified facts about the other members of the band.”

Come see Dopapod perform this weekend, Sept. 27 at Putnam Den, in advance of their upcoming new album!

Time: 7:00pm. Admission: $15 ADV/$18 DOS. Age restrictions: 18+. Address: 63 A Putnam Street Saratoga Springs, NY. Venue phone: 518 584 8066. w/ Consider The Source

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