Campus Safety Reports Sept. 12-18

Campus Safety ReportINCIDENTS OF NOTE: * Sunday, September 14 -ASSAULT AGGRAVATED 3:12 am .RP in office reporting a male is being assaulted in Sussman Apartments. Dispatched Officers. 3:13 AM- RP reports hearing screams for help. Advised Officers and dispatched SCEMS, 911 and SSPD. Two arrests made.

* Wednesday, September 17 – SEX OFFENSE- FORCIBLE 1:46 PM RP called to report a sexual assault on campus.

Friday, September 12, 2014

* COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE noise complaint made at 1:38 AM. Officers dispatched to Cane Crossing, students complied with request to quiet down.

* FIRE ALARM-OTHER- fire alarm activated at 1:54 AM from Sussman Apartments. Units dispatched, due to shower steam. Report generated.

* FIRE ALARM-OTHER – Fire alarm received at 8:19 AM from Sussman Apartments. Units dispatched, due to cooking. Report generated

* COMPLAINT – report of 11:06 AM of problem between two employees. Report generated.

* FIRE ALARM-OTHER- fire alarm activation received at 12:22 PM from Sussman Apartments. Units dispatched, due to cooking. Report generate.

* ACCIDENT- report at 4:32 PM of car damaged in sports center parking lot.

* WELFARE CHECK- 9:46 PM welfare check requested to Howe Hall. Officer dispatched. Spoke with roommate, report generated.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

* SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY – at 12:24 report of a female acting suspicious in Wait Hall. Officers checked, appeared to be dumping water in sink with residue.

* COLLEGE VIOLATION- NOISE 1:44 AM, noise complaint made on Dayton Drive. Officer reports no disturbance noted.

* COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE report of loud noise on Moore Way at 1:56 AM. Officers report loud music lowered and group dispersed.

* COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE report of loud music coming from a parked car near Sussman Apartments at 3:02 AM. Officer states care is leaving.

* CAMPUS SAFETY ASSIST- 3:00 PM RP provided assistance with fire extinguisher training for 48 students who work in chemistry labs

* SUSPICIOUS ODOR- 3:50 PM report of possible gas smell in Jonsson Tower. Maintenance reports odor unfounded.

* COLLEGE VIOLATION- 10:34 PM report of a game of mass consumption in Wait Hall. Report generated.

* FIRE ALARM- OTHER – 11:14 PM Fire alarm activation receive. Units dispatched, due to cooking. Report issued.

* LIQUOR LAW VIOLATION- 11:01 PM RP reports loud noise in Howe Hall. Students found with alcohol, report generated.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

* COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 12:34 AM report of noise complaint in Sussman Apartments. Officers spoke to students who remedied problem

* CRIMINAL MISCHIEF at 10:42 AM Officer discovered hole in stairwell in Wilmarth Hall, report generated

* CRIMINAL MISCHIEF at 11:18 AM RP reports street sign on the roof of Starbuck Center. Grounds assisted to removed, returned to DPW.

Monday, September 14, 2014

* COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE at 1:00 AM Excessive noise complaint in Sussman Apartments. Responding officers report residents lowered volume upon request.

* COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 12:32 AM Noise complaint received. Responding officers report residents lowered volume upon request

* COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE 1:30 AM Noise complaint received in Wilmarth Hall. Responding officer reports three people in common area asked to lower the volume of their voices. Subjects complied with request.

* DRUG LAW VIOLATION- 8:30 AM Officer observed a drug law violation. Items confiscated. Report made.

* FIRE ALARM 3:09 PM Fire alarm received in Sussman Apartments. Dispatched all units. Advised SSFD. Due to cooking. Report made.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

* FIRE ALARM-OTHER – 10:30 AM, Fire alarm received. Dispatched officers, maintenance and advised SSFD. Due to burnt food.

* FIRE/SAFETY ORIENTATION- 6:30 PM Fire and Safety Orientations were conducted at 6:30 PM, 7:30 PM and 8:30 PM in Filene Music Hall.

* FIRE DRILLS- 8:31 PM in Sussman Apartments Unannounced fire drill was held in one of the buildings.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

* LARCENY FROM BUILDINGS 11:00 AM report of items missing in a room in Jonsson Tower. Officer responded to the report. SSPD contacted.

* FIRE/SAFETY ORIENTATION at 6:30 PM a Fire and Safety Orientation was conducted in Filene Music Hall.

* COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE at 11;44 PM, RP reports a noise complaint outside the dorm. Officers dispatched and found students playing string instruments. Instructed to stop and counseled about noise at this hour.

Thursday, September 18 2014

* FIRE ALARM-OTHER – 8:45 AM Fire alarm activation received in Jonsson Tower. All units dispatched. SSFD advised. Alarm due to burnt popcorn.

* BURGLARY-NO FORCE 6:05 pm report of computer missing from room in Wilmarth Hall. Report made. SSPD contacted.

* FIRE DRILLS – Officers conducted fire drills at various times in Wilmarth Hall and Northwoods Apartments.

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