Skidmore Rumors

By Billie Kanfer '16, Features Editor

College students have a tendency to start rumors which in turn spread like wildfire. Since the semester began two weeks ago, a few rumors have surfaced. Below are some of the ones heard around campus, and whether or not they’re true.

1. Moorebid is cancelled: Sadly, the beloved Moorebid has been cancelled. After speaking to SGA President, Addison Bennett ’16, he informed me that the event was cancelled by a “higher”authority and that the SGA found last year's success to be great; however, others did not feel that way thus canceling the annual Halloween event. (Check back in soon for a full report on why.)

2. Fun Day is cancelled: Luckily, Fun Day is still happening! For all you who love celebrating together by the pond on a beautiful day with food and bouncy castles - you’re in luck. Bennett '16 confirmed the event will still be up and running this year!

3. Campus Safety has unmarked cars: Despite the murmurs around campus regarding these “sketchy”unmarked vehicles, Dennis Conway has confirmed that there are no unmarked Campus Safety cars. Although when the Campus Safety vehicles are in the shop, they will borrow Facilities’cars. 

4. Skidmore can’t use CTM anymore: Word has been getting around that SkidKids can no longer use “CTM”because someone bought the acronym. Fortunately, we can all continue to use this phrase because the CTM trademark has been renewed. Andrea Wise of the Office of Communications has confirmed that we can keep on CTM-ing.

Rumors heard at Skidmore travel fast

5. Dhall is installing cameras: For all who love dhall (aka, everyone who has ever stepped foot in Murray Aikins), you will be glad to know that Mark Miller has confirmed that there are no plans to add cameras to dhall at this time.

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