.moe on Halloween

Posted by Miles Mattison One of the music industry's most celebrated jam bands, moe., performed an extraordinaryHalloween concert at the Washington Avenue Armory in Albany last Saturday night. moe. played two sets and a lengthy encore packed with funny, spooky and classic songs, as demanded by the fans. In September, moe. announced every song in the set list for the Halloween extravaganza would be chosen by fans through an online poll, which closed on Oct. 4 to give the band ample time to work out its own interpretations of the selected tunes. Fans had a choice of about 100 songs, both cover songs and a selection of moe.'s original songs, and were allowed to vote for one song a week.The songs that were selected made for an incredibly diverse line-up that included everything from Miley Cyrus to the Grateful Dead and, appropriately, a couple tunes fitting for Halloween.moe. opened with one of its own tunes titled, "The Ghost of Ralph's Mom," which, accompaniedby all the absurd, creative costumes the crowd proudly wore, set the whacky, role-playing vibe for the evening that one expects on Halloween. The holiday-related jams continued, with an innovative interpretation of Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla," which chugged along, fueled by funk, for nine enthralling minutes. There were a few Godzilla costumes strolling around the venue with genuinely groovy footwork, which was both hilarious and impressive.Later on in the first set, moe. covered the Miley Cyrus song, "We Got the Party," which consequently created a chuckling crowd, highlighting the crowd's appreciation of the amusement moe. traditionally integrates into its performances.moe. opened the second with a version of "Stash," which gave justice to the original song, written by Phish. And soon came a pulsatingtrifecta of songs beginning with The Grateful Dead's "Eyes of the World," which turned into Pink Floyd's "Echoes," and then transcended into one of moe.'s most respected jams, "Rebubula." "Rebubula" was then followed by "Dark Star," another Grateful Dead song and turned back into the former to finish the second set. The Washington Avenue Armory erupted with cheers, creating a forceful energy that provoked goose bumps across the audience. Shortly thereafter, moe. band members returned to the stage in matching, glowing skeleton costumes and played a couple Tenacious D tunes with titles too vulgar to mention.moe. pleased its loyal fans, heralded respect to some bands it is certainly influenced by and, by the end of the evening, even the Grim Reaper was clapping his bones.Last Saturday night was my 13th moe. concert. Coming from a dedicated "moe.ron," I pompously pronounce it the best moe. show I have attended. If you were one of the cursed souls who could not attend moe.'s Halloween party, it is streaming live at http://www.archive.org/details/moe2009-10-31.

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