Young entrepreneurs thrive at Skidmore Student Markets: WSPN & PROARTS host the first of several campus market events open to everyone

Posted by Michael DuPr??

Oct. 7 marked the opening of the first Skidmore Student Market, which brought together students' diverse artistic and culinary talents to sell their creations on Case Green. 

Katie Humphreys, a brainchild of the Student Market, helped create the event for students who make interesting things. "The Skidmore Market is a great way to promote WSPN and the talents of Skidmore's student artists and bakers," Humphreys said. 

At the market, a few of the students sold used or vintage clothes.  Since high school, Humphreys has collected unique items at thrift stores.  Her collection has pieces from all over the country: Washington, Louisiana and upstate New York. The pieces that she sold at the market were ones that did not fit her or that she had not worn in a while.  Humphreys was able to make enough money to fund a few weekends. 

"My friends, like many college students, have get-rich-quick schemes," Humphreys said. "We've been talking about doing this for a while."

On the weekends, Humphreys' friend, Alex Maddalena '12, often brings up his idea to sell banana bread to Skidmore students.  Another one of Humphreys' friends, Melissa Schlobohm '12, often expresses her desire to have a garage sale on campus. 

Another popular item was the biscotti baked and sold by Caitlin Allen '12.  After studying abroad in Florence, Allen brought back some local recipes and started Cait's Cookies. 

Allen thought of the Student Market as a learning experience.  "Students who study art at Skidmore receive great instruction, but learn very little about the business side of things," she said.

Humphreys has high expectations for the Skidmore Student Market.  "I want to see it flourish.  I would like to see more clubs, and especially more underclassmen, get involved," Humphreys said.

Humphreys hinted at the possibility of collaborating with the environmental action club, vendors from the Saratoga Farmers Market or a local animal shelter. 

Students are not required to sell the items they place on display. Trading items is also encouraged. "We are able to make a profit from our talents without the influence of any outside power structure," Humphreys said.

Look out for posters announcing the next Skidmore Student Market, the time and place of which have yet to be announced.  To find out more, contact Katie Humphreys at or Alex Amaddalena at

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