WSPN Radio Show

 School's starting up again, first papers are being assigned, the student population's posture is gradually devolving into that of 2400 homogenous slumped shoulders and, as of midnight last Sunday, everybody's rushing home from their respective classes and social lives to tune into WSPN 91.1: the Skidmore radio station (if you're not doing this, you're not hanging out with the right people)! As an authority on the subject (please listen to me and my roommate at 3-5 a.m. on Saturday mornings), I've decided to educate the masses and instill motivation into the hearts of many to check out the station.

            The heads and staff of the radio station are kicking it up to full gear this year, as they explained to all prospective DJs when handing out applications. They only accepted very creatively formatted shows with the intent that anytime a listener leaves their room and comes back after classes, they'll be struck with confusion and general delirium about the language, time period, and instruments used by the DJs of the hour. Ideas thrown around were bluegrass artists playing classical songs, Israeli pop from the 90's, and, my personal favorite, angry girl music of the punk rock persuasion (again, 3-5 a.m., guys). This will no doubt make for a hilariously discordant streaming, sober or not (at 3-5 a.m.) and overall, definitely an "experience" that may or may not make you want to shut down your computer and just go to sleep already.

            To everyone asking the same question I'm asking right now - how do one or two people come up with enough material for a semester's worth of shows with such narrowly specified themes? Well, all I can say is time will tell but get ready for a lot of static and dead air time!

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