What to do after hooking up with a good friend: What Would C. Do? Advice from an Anonymous Friend

Posted by C.

As schoolwork begins to pick up again, we are reminded of our tired eyes and — after Valentine's Day — our tired hearts.

When stress begins to consume your soul and seems to be all you ever talk about, be reminded of the little things that add a bit of color to your aura.

Perhaps it was a rant about your loathing the opposite sex on Valentine's Day. Maybe you treated yourself to a red velvet cupcake just because a sweet is more dependable than a sweetie.

Even though we are seriously lacking the weather of Miami, utilize your vices to get through this slump-hump time of the year.

Be reminded: no one likes a person that complains more than he or she does — so please keep your woes and whines at a minimum. Your friends will thank you.

Dear C.,

I hooked up with one of my good guy friends a few weeks ago. I feel as unsure about it as I'm sure he does. What would be the next step in figuring out whether we should rekindle our flame or toss it in the fire pit?

Dazed and Confused

Dear Dazed and Confused,

Here is a thought: were there sparks at first sight or was this hook-up as temporary as a bonfire?

Has there always been a weird sexual attraction or an unmistakable chemistry between you two that has always been denied?

I hate to break the ice, but this could potentially be your ideal mate. I know it might be hard to admit it at first but take this time to recognize if you miss hanging out with him or you feel like encounters have an awkward air.

Whether it is yes or no, you should act like any other human being and talk to him. Acknowledge him and do not be a wussy, pussy. Meow (sorry, had to do it).

Do not blow away the embers before they become a flame. How do you know he feels weird about it?

Unless he has not been cracking his same lame jokes or he is acting like a different person, he is not the one who is unsure — it is all you.

Ask yourself why you hooked up in the first place.

Was it just the casual horn or was it something deeper?

Answering this question might help in your next course of action. Remember: he probably feels just as weird about everything. Give him some credit and throw him a log.

Act as normal as possible and try to warm up to the idea that it did not happen; I know it sounds weird but it works for me.

Hooking up with friends can make for awkward tension, but it does not always have to be that way — who knows, maybe this friction will ignite something very hot.

Hearts and Stars,C.

I am a nonbiased, nonjudgmental third party (because I love parties). My aim is to advise, not to direct. The real question is what will you do?

E-mail me at SkidWWCD@gmail.com with questions.

Privacy is guaranteed. Advice can remain unpublished upon request.

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