Ujima Fashion Show to be held Feb. 2, 8 pm in JKB Theater: "Our Black Diaspora: Lifting the Darkness"

Posted by Julia Martin

Ujima's 22nd annual fashion show will take place Saturday Feb. 2, at 8 p.m. in the Janet Kinghorn Bernard (JKB) Theater. 

This year the show is entitled: "Our Black Diaspora: Lifting the Darkness", and will focus on East Africa, West Africa, Afro-Latin America, the Caribbean and North America. The show will not only showcase clothing, but students will participate in dances, spoken word, song and drumming.

Ujima is the African/African-American/Caribbean-American cultural awareness club on campus that works to bring history, culture and celebration to Skidmore. The fashion show is one of Ujima's largest events and involves both members of the club and non-member students. "The Ujima fashion show has been a great way to develop relationships within the diverse Skidmore community," said Makeda Nivens '15.

The fashion show kicks off a series of events on campus aimed at promoting "Intercultural and Global Understanding". The month of February will play host to a multiracial/transracial adoptee focus group on Feb. 5at 6 p.m. (held in the Intercultural Lounge), a group that plans to discuss issues or questions regarding students who may or may not identify as multiracial, a person of mixed heritage or a transracial adoptee.

On Feb. 16 Ujima will host a Food for the Heart and Soul Lunch at 12:00 pm in Falstaffs. On Feb. 25 Al Duncan, Ujima's Black History Month Keynote Speaker, will deliver the keynote lecture at 7 p.m. in Gannett Auditorium. 

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