Two men arrested outside of Case Center: Suspects are charged with shoplifting and criminal possession of controlled substances

Posted by Julia Leef

At approximately 5 p.m. on Feb. 13, the Saratoga Springs Police Department arrested two males outside of Case Center for shoplifting a book from the Skidmore Shop.

"I was walking home from class past the front of Case and saw three cop cars out front," said a female student, who requested to remain anonymous. "It looked like someone was possibly being handcuffed or at least held by the police, while Bob Carlton from the Skid Shop stood by."

Carlton, who serves as the social programming administrator and technical salesperson, declined to comment regarding the incident.

"Employees called Campus Safety and we stopped two subjects and requested SSPD, who responded and, following investigation, the subjects were arrested," said Dennis Conway, director of Campus Safety.

Conway said the two subjects, who are not students of the College, have been charged with larceny and criminal possession of controlled substances, among other pending charges.

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