The Local serves up classic pub fare: One stop for local beer, Irish food, international teas and sustainable ambiance

Posted by Erin Dillon

Although not a local best-kept-secret, The Local Pub and Teahouse falls under the Skidmore student radar. Located at 142 Grand Avenue, The Local is hidden in the Beekman Street Art District — not quite in the middle of nowhere, but a walk from the nearest 473 bus stop.

The Local Pub and Teahouse maintains a casual sports-bar atmosphere with a sophisticated twist. It is a small space with a cozy ambiance about it. Thick, wooden furniture, a roaring fireplace and a deep red motif create a richness in the restaurant.

To start, we ordered a small pot of a sweetly understated honey chai tea. We sipped and caught glimpses of a baseball game, but the televisions were in no way a disruption. The restaurant was filled with sports fanatics and tea enthusiasts alike.

The menu weaves traditional English and Irish cuisine with various American classics. Some daintier items include tea sandwiches (sans crusts, of course) and a selection of organic teas. At the other end of the spectrum, The Local offers hearty dishes like Shepherd's Pie and Steak ‘n' Chips. For the conventional folk there is the Ploughman's Lunch, consisting of warm bread, a chunk of cheese, tomato wedges and stone-ground mustard. For the timid, Caesar salad and nachos are available.

I went with the veggie burger — lame, I know. But I was intrigued. The Local makes it with grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers and mozzarella. The roll was fresh and the sandwich good overall, although a bit bland without the balsamic served on the side. Also, my teeth were not quite sharp enough to sever the tough eggplant skin.

My meal set me back a mere $10, including tip. Everything is modestly priced with the most expensive item being $11. The food and atmosphere quality is exceptional for these prices.

The Local also displays a glass case filled with beautiful, drool-inducing desserts. There were three options when I visited: two cheesecakes and a red velvet cake. However, I dodged dessert, despite its allure.

Whether stopping in to play darts or practice your tea manners, the Local is sure to hit the spot.

Erin Dillon is first-year student with an exceptionally advanced palate.

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