Skidomedy's Friday show did not dissappoint

Posted by Luca Mobilia

When a member of a comedy group opens a show with a calming monologue you know you are in for a raucous time. This is how Skidomedy started off their first show of the year, The Bonobo Banana Bandana Bonanza. Luke Conley, '14, sat serenely speaking to the audience as snippets of porn mixed in with meditational footage were projected on a large screen behind him. To those who were turned off (pardon the pun), I would remind them that if members of our very own SGA can giggle over a dirty joke, so can they.

            Skidomedy went on to cover all of their bases. They started off with a fairly straightforward sketch involving a kiddie clinic, but moved on to less trodden comedic ground. Personal favorites included a sketch where a boyfriend confesses his love for his significant other's father, which ends with the hilarious invitation to the wedding of "Boyfriend and Daddy" and a fake infomercial discussing the plight of those who suffer from "baby face" (they're human too, guys). Probably the best sketch by far was of a gay porn star forced by tough times to turn to straight porn; anyone who can say "your boobs are like giant balls" is okay in my book.

            A well-rounded and hilarious show, Skidomedy was a great time for everyone lucky enough to attend. I hope to see the group again in the future with more rip-roaring content.    

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