SGA election results in

Posted by Julia Leef

On Friday Sept. 24 by SGA President Jonathan Zeidan '12 released the results of the fall semester Student Government Association. Two proposed changes to the SGA constitution were passed, and 813 voters elected 11 students to vacant positions.

The Class of 2015 elected the following first years to its administration: Soraya Attia '15 (president), Noam Yossefy '15 (vice president), Nile Nair '15 (treasurer) and Jarred Green '15 (social chair). Ben Polsky '15, was selected to represent the class of 2015 on the Senate.

Attia focused her platform on issues concerning dorm wireless, limited library hours and utilizing Case Green for more college events in the upcoming semester.

Also elected to the Senate was Sean O'Brien '13 who will be representing Scribner Village. O'Brien said that he would promote more artwork for the walls of Scribner in addition to softer toilet paper and block parties.

Elected for the junior class were Julia Hutson '13 as class secretary and Will Wygal '13 as class social chair. Hutson campaigned to organize more junior-sponsored events, while Wygal promoted new themes for the Junior Ring and expressed a desire to support school music talent.

Finally, Skylar Sasson ‘12 and Luke Conley '14 were both elected to fill the two vacant positions of senator at large.

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