Senate discusses lack of food options on campus

Posted by Kat Kullman

On Feb. 8, the SGA Senate discussed an upcoming meeting with the Institutional Policy and Planning Committee, a Student Affairs Subcommittee that includes students as well as faculty. SGA president Alex Stark ‘11 and Dean of Student Affairs Rochelle Calhoun chair the committee.

Like Senate, the committee reviews resolutions from student groups to improve the campus; if approved, the resolutions are often instated on the campus quickly.

Last year, members of the Pride Alliance brought forward a request for gender-neutral bathrooms around campus. The request was approved, and this semester Skidmore Facilities is taking steps to make sure that one bathroom in each building on campus is gender-neutral.

Calling for ideas from the student Senators, Stark said, "These issues do matter, and will get taken of."

One of the main issues that the Senators brought forward was the change they would like to see regarding food on campus.

One of the chief concerns was the lack of healthy dinner options for students who are not accommodated by Dining Hall operating hours and whose only choices are fried foods at Late Night.

The Senators also expressed concern that the food in the dining hall is not labeled with ingredients. For students with allergies, this creates a serious problem.

Many expressed concern with regard to the Dining Hall's hours of operation.

For student athletes who attend practices before the Dining Hall opens at 7 a.m. there are no breakfast possibilities; for student workers on weekend nights, dining options are limited.

 One Senator suggested more boxed food options for students who are short on time.

Finally, another Senator reiterated the need for a composting plan for the dining hall, part of which is already in the works.

After the proposals were finished, Stark said, "Usually we take on one or two issues a semester," and suggested that the Senators themselves take on some of the concerns.

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