Senate approves new Foundry Club

Posted by Kat Kullman

Charlie Engelman '11 and Jasper Goodrich '11 approached the Senate of the Student Government Association to charter the Foundry Club, a club dedicated to the casting of metal and non-metal materials.

The goal of the club is to teach students to cast metal and to expand the college's art scene and involvement in the larger art community.

Students at the college only cast once a year and need official club status to go forward.

The club would sponsor both on-campus and off-campus events, from visits to local casting venues to extra critiques from Skidmore professors out of class. During its trial period, the club has already attracted 30 regular members.

"We're trying to get people more interested in casting, but we also want to attract artists of different mediums. This would close the gaps between those in the art department. We need more dialogue in the art world, both here and off-campus," Goodrich said.

Goodrich and Engelman said they hope that this club will raise awareness about the casting process and bring a larger sense of community to the campus.

Goodrich and Engelman will hold a session in which students can cast with chocolate.

After a vote, the Senate unanimously approved the club's charter.

In other news:

The Senate unanimously approved a resolution to allocate funding from Falstaff's Operating Committee to Program Support. The money was transferred to Program Support, where it can benefit the entire school.

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