Senate amends ICC operating procedure

Posted by Kat Kullman

On Tuesday, April 12, the SGA Senate unanimously passed a resolution to change the Inter-Class Council Operating Codes.

The new resolution stipulates that each class is required to have at least one event where the proceeds go to charity.

This rule was already in effect from a resolution created at the start of the year, but due to an error, had yet to be officially added to the Operating Codes.

Libby Gronquist, president of the 2011 class, and senator Emilee Bell '13 brought the resolution to Senate.

"We've already been doing this all this year, but it's important to have this in writing to set precedence," Bell said. "This year we did pinnies, the can drive, and several other events. It's important that class council have support for each other and that we give back."

"We came into this year with interesting relations with Saratoga and we need to strengthen that relationship. Saratoga is a big part of Skidmore and we need to act as leaders for our community," Gronquist said.

Senator Dan DeMartini ‘11, presented a brief update on the development of the new housing complexes. DeMartini sits on the Scribner Village Replacement Committee with administrators such as Mike West and Rochelle Calhoun.

"Weather has been a major concern, obviously, but they've been doing as much as they can," DeMartini said. "They're still planning on having the Northwoods apartments done by January 2012."

Construction will continue during the summer months and into the fall semester, when progress should be openly visible.

The three new sophomore buildings will potentially be finished in September 2013, with all the construction done in the fall of 2014.

"When it's finished, it's going to be amazing," DeMartini said.

The new Scribner will include composting cites, a community center, a picnic area and a fire pit.

"In fact, the seniors of 2014 will probably want to live in the new Scribner, and the juniors will get Northwoods. Campus is going to be different, but fantastic," Demartini said.

DeMartini will continue providing updates as the committee continues to meet.

In other news:

• Senate unanimously granted a supplemental of $700 to the Model U.N. so the club can go to a conference in New York City next week.

Club president John Goeppinger '11 came to Senate to request the money, which is needed for food and subway fare for the seven attendees.

•Voting for the fall 2011 SGA senators-at-large began on April 14 at midnight. Candidate speech night was April 13.

SGA president Alex Stark will announce the results via e-mail.

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