Saratoga Cycling Studio offers an exciting new alternative fitness option

Posted by Sara Gagnon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a spin class? I hadn't, until I tried out a class at Saratoga Cycling Studio, located at 24 Hamilton Street. Opened in early May by husband and wife Gerry and Angela Amedio, the studio is Saratoga Springs's only Official Spinning? Facility.

Don't allow yourself to be fooled by the formal title, though; the space had a comfortable atmosphere and warm, inviting employees and members. I took a regular spin class with Angela, who lives right around the corner and grew up in a house about twenty minutes outside of Saratoga. Of the seventeen bikes in the room, only one was left empty when the class began.

"You can make it as easy or difficult as you want," Amedio said of spinning. "It's up to you to choose your fitness level. We get people who want to lose a hundred pounds and we get pro hockey players."

The people in my class ranged from Skidmore students to senior adults. There was a great range of experience present as well, with novices and spin instructors alike present and ready to work up a sweat.

We grabbed towels provided by the studio and mounted the bikes as Angela showed me the ins and outs of adjusting my bike to a suitable height and setting. The class began as the lights dimmed and the music blared-not what I had expected at all.

The workout Amedio led was reminiscent of the mountainous hike she and her husband had ventured the previous weekend. It gradually increased in intensity as you worked through different exercises, including "flat roading," which required a seated position on the bike, as well as second and third positions, which required that you stand.

Amedio directed us with positive attitudes and we pedaled to the music, which fit each part of the workout. I'd never thought I'd get into spinning, but by the end of the class I had already decided to return, excited to continue one of the most fun workouts I've ever taken part in.

Amedio began spinning over ten years ago, when she joined a gym in an effort to lose weight. Intimidated and discouraged by the treadmills, she saw a group people leaving the gym's spin class, drenched in sweat but smiling, and decided to try it out. Since then, she's taken an active interest in spinning and has begun instructing classes in Saratoga Cycling Studio, her very own location.
"I've worked in a lot of places, so I've seen all the mistakes," Amedio said, seeming confident that she and her husband Gerry had gotten it right.

If any students are interested in alternative fitness choices, Saratoga Cycling Studio is definitely worth checking out. Classes are $12 each, and there are several package options available. Those interested can choose from regular spinning classes as well as combination courses that incorporate yoga, pilates and ballet.

The center also hosts a number of fundraisers, most recently including Spin for a Cure on Oct. 19, which will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and Ride to Recovery on Nov. 3, which will raise money for spin bikes used for rehabilitation of men and women of the Armed Forces.

Whether you're a beginner or a spin guru, Saratoga Cycling has something for you. For a full list of upcoming classes, events and more information visit the website at

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