Sarah Mirk Lectures at Filene: How to use the Internet for effective social justice activism and work with mainstream media

Posted by Daniel Kapp

Passion for the feminist movement was the focus of Sarah Mirk's on Thurs Jan. 30 in Filene Recital Hall, though her presentation stemmed more into the importance of public involvement in activist issues. B*tch Magazine is a feminist pop-culture nonprofit which emphasizes involvement through the Internet and other media. Mirk, as a role model to her audiences, has posted multiple podcasts on feminist concern and has urged others to use the media not just as a source but also a tool in expressing and standing up for one's passions.

The name of her presentation was "Speak Up, Make Change-How to use the Internet for effective social justice activism and work with mainstream media," which, simply put, gets at the heart of her point. Mirk encourages students to engage in political and personal journalism, as well as challenges them to make a statement. Social media tools (such as Facebook and Twitter) have allowed millenials to get involved in what they otherwise might not have been able to while lending the freedom to express opinions.

Mirk wrapped up her presentation by describing the experience of writing her book, "Sex from Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules." In writing about something she feels passionate about, despite its overall controversial nature, Mirk gained a sense of fearlessness. She then encouraged the audience to feel courageous and have strength when it comes to what matters in one's life. Walking out of the presentation, I felt motivated to actively think and participate in the organizations that I am involved in. Mirk expressed that there are benefits of being active and engaged in media, as well as the importance of speaking up when it comes to your passions.

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