Round 1 SGA election results

Student Government Association President:Addison Bennett

Vice President for Academic Affairs: Charles Tetelman

Vice President for Financial Affairs: Sam Harris

Vice President of Student Life: Dorothy Parsons

Vice President for Club Affairs: Megan Schachter

President of Senior Class and Interclass Council Chair: Soraya Attia

Vice President of Senior Class: Noam Yossefy

President of Junior Class: Prince Kwanele Tsabedze

Vice President of Junior Class: Carmen Lin

President of Sophomore Class: Madison Plummer

Vice President of Sophomore Class: Kengthsagn Louis

Treasurer of Sophomore Class: Julia Elstein

Social Chair of Sophomore Class: Bernice Langyintuo

The Integrity Board shall be removed from Article VIII Section 7 and added to Article IX: Approved

SGA reports that 560 voters turned out for the elections.

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