Player Interview: Marcus Goldbas: Freshman Paulina Phelps sits down with co-captain of Skidmore?s men?s soccer team, Marcus Goldbas.

Posted by Paulina Phelps

PP: How long have you been playing soccer?

MG: Pretty much since I could walk. I don't remember a time when I wasn't playing soccer.

PP: Where are you from and what year at Skidmore are you??

MG: I'm from Utica, NY but my family recently moved to Maine. I am a senior at Skidmore.

PP: How would you describe the dynamic of the men's soccer team at Skidmore?

MG: This year it's definitely different from past years. First off we have a better record. We have a lot of great players from the freshman class. Our goalie Eli, who is a freshman, has been phenomenal. The practices are much more intense and focused. It's a different feeling, it really is. Everyone on the team is really close to each other and we have somewhat of a brotherhood.

PP: How is the team doing so far this season?

MG: We are doing amazingly! We are 6-1-1. We have a national ranking now and are tied for first in the country.

PP: What do you feel is the team's greatest strength?

MG: I would have to say our whole defense and the way they've been playing.

PP: Congratulations on the win against St. Lawrence (the number one team in the league) on Sept. 22. What do you think made the win possible?

MG: Thank you! We just played how we've been playing all year. Our defense is amazing and makes it easy for the offense to get the ball. Brian Mitko has been amazing and leads the whole team to get on the same page.

PP: Is it hard balancing studies as well as athletics?

MG: It's really hard. This year has definitely been the hardest just in terms of my workload with graduating soon and taking 18 credits.

PP: What is your favorite part of playing soccer at Skidmore?

MG: Probably just being out there every day and playing with guys that love the game as much as you do. It's a great way to get your competitiveness out. I don't think I could really function without that competitive spirit. Being with a bunch of guys that have your back is great.

PP: In your opinion, does the school support athletics enough??

MG: I wish it would a little bit more. But I understand that everyone is busy and has their own thing going on which makes it hard to find time to support each other. But as we support each other's activities more, the more effort will be put in and the better the outcome.

PP: What has playing soccer taught you over the years?

MG: The value of teamwork and that nothing can be achieved on the individual level. This goes into real life scenarios: any environment you're put in you need to learn to work on a group or a team and collaborate.

PP: What is your major and what are your plans for after Skidmore?

MG: In terms of soccer I'm thinking about playing for a Maccabi men's soccer team, which will play in Israel this summer. With my major I plan to work with alternate sources of energy. I have a job lined up with GE in their environmental engineering department.

PP: Anything else you would like to say?

MG: Just thanks to all of my teammates for an amazing year so far.

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