Player Interview: Ceilidh MacNeil

Posted by Paulina Phelps

PP: First, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
CM: I'm from Framingham, Massachusetts. I'm currently a senior at Skidmore and I've been playing all four years for the Skidmore field hockey team.

PP:What does the year look like in terms of field hockey?
CM: Fall is the main season, so definitely the busiest time of year. During winter we don't have any official practices, but the team always organizes workouts. Then in spring there is a miniature season that lasts just four weeks.

PP: How long have you been playing field hockey?
CM: I've been playing since 7th grade, so almost nine years.

PP: What first attracted to you to the sport?
CM: My mom played all through middle school and high school, as well as coached a bit when I was young, so she always wanted me to play because she thought I would love it.

PP: How is the season going so far?
CM: It is going really well. We are 6-0 and we won our first league game last weekend. There is room for improvement, but we are happy with our start. We are currently ranked 6th nationally.

PP: How does that compare to past years?
CM: We are usually top 20, but our ranking has gone up consistently since my freshman year, when we were ranked just eighteenth.

PP: Who would you say your biggest competition is?
CM: It changes, but usually we get pretty fired up for Middlebury. All of our league games are competitive though. We take every competition seriously; we don't take anything for granted.

PP: What position do you play?
CM: I am a forward.

PP: How do you like playing for Skidmore and do you feel the school as a whole is supportive of your team?
CM: I love playing a sport for my school. However I do feel like Skidmore could be better in supporting all sports, including field hockey. I feel like people don't realize how strong the field hockey team is just like they don't realize how strong other sports teams are. That being said, we do get support from other sports teams, as well as friends of players who come out for games.

PP: Would you recommend field hockey to someone?
CM: Yes I would. I love it. It's very competitive. Once you learn it it's a lot of fun. We play on Astro Turf, which makes the game extremely fast-paced and exciting. It takes a lot of skill and hand-eye coordination. Even though it's not as well known, it has the appeal of any other big sport. I would kind of describe it as a cross between soccer and lacrosse. Similarly to soccer it's typically a lower scoring game.

PP: How do you balance schoolwork and field hockey?
CM: The athletic department really emphasizes that we are students first. It can be difficult, especially with away games, but you have to learn time management. Also having good relationships with Professors is key.

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