Perfecting your potential New Year's kiss: What Would C. Do? Advice from an Anonymous Friend

Posted by C.

Let's talk about the importance of a good kiss. I've had numerous conversations with friends and strangers about their random hook ups and the number one question I always ask is: was he or she a good kisser?

 A kiss is like the root of a flower; if it's watered properly, it will mature into a fruitful make-out session.   

Don't feel nervous and feel the need to practice on your hand before you go out.  If you are unsure of yourself it does show. Be confident and don't be afraid to ask for something your partner is lacking: more tongue, less teeth, etc.

Being dominant and knowing what you want is not a bad thing, and even appears endearing in the eyes of your partner.

Everyone has his or her own kissing style.  It isn't bad if someone tells you what he or she wants — welcome it as practice!

 If you're worried your hook up buddy is becoming a potential mate, don't fret. Couples usually adapt to each other's kissing styles eventually, especially as the feelings grow stronger between the couple.

Never doubt the importance of a kiss.  Whether it be French, Eskimo, butterfly or underneath the mistletoe, it's the confidence you carry with your lips that counts.

Dear C.,

I'm hooking up steadily with this guy, but we aren't bf/gf. Now that break is coming I don't know what to do. Should I mention visiting him? I don't want to force him into staying with me over break.                —Sleepless at Skidmore

Dear Sleepless at Skidmore,

Okay, things to consider: do you hook up with other people (or does he)? Is he a good kisser? Do you like him?  Most importantly, though, if this hook up has lasted over a month, why haven't you developed into something more than just a hook up?

I believe the biggest indication for the future of any casual hook up relationship is the faithfulness of both individuals. If you know you look forward to his call, which only occurs after 1 a.m. and inconsistently, chances are he is getting booty elsewhere.

Now, don't be discouraged; keep in mind that you are not boyfriend and girlfriend. If he is being a loosey goosey then you must try to be as detached from him as possible and avoid any high hopes of a serious relationship. Vice versa if you do the same thing!

If you only like him for his tongue pressure and not for his quirks, I would not mention visiting him.

Keep in contact and send a "hope your break is going well" text and add a bit of your personality or something that will make him chuckle.  See what happens after break. It's nothing to lose sleep over, just distract your self with the potential of a New Years smooch!

                —Stars and hearts, C.

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