Official SGA Statement on Labor Negotiations

Posted by SGA Executive Committee

Editor's Note: The views expressed below do not necessarily represent the views of The Skidmore News or the Skidmore News editorial board. 

Also, the following statement was added to the original article per request of the Executive Committee on Nov. 5:

SGA Executive Committee would like to clarify that Executive Committee was the body that wrote and stands behind the statement. We do not see it as our place to take a side on the parties directly involved in negotiations. Our goal is to support a fair process that includes both parties, the workers and the administration, staying true to the values they profess. 

The Student Government Association supports the Skidmore College community in its negotiations between the administration and its union workers. However, we do not condone the actions taken by the unaffiliated Skidmore Labor Student Alliance (SLSA) as they are intrusive and inflammatory to productive negotiations. Furthermore, the breach of privacy imposed by select students of the SLSA not only violates the confidentiality of negotiations between the administration and the workers it seeks to support, but it also erodes the spirit of good faith negotiations. We hope that further action relating to this matter by any Skidmore community member respects the processes set forth by the National Labor Relations Board and all parties involved. The Student Government Association looks forward to an agreeable outcome for all parties.


SLSA Response to SGA Official Statement on Labor Negotiations

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