New game room in Case lounge

Posted by Maxx Salat & Ethan Fisher

Among the many renovations undergone by the college over the summer was the conversion of the old faculty lounge into a new game room.

Located on the second floor of Case Center, the idea for a game room came from Campus Life Office and was funded and supported by the office of President Philip Glotzbach and by Rochelle Calhoun, dean of Student Affairs.            

Operating on the same schedule as Burgess Café, from 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 a.m., the game room is a place for students to take a break from their academic and extracurricular activities.

In order to access the game room equipment students need to submit their Skidmore IDs to an employee working at Burgess Café.

The administration decided to create a game room because of the tremendous first year class joining Skidmore. The Campus Life Office felt it necessary to create a place for people to retreat to for entertainment and bonding.

"With such a large first year class, the idea is to create more places for people to hang out. Case Center, we think, should function more as a proper student center and have a more vibrant atmosphere. The game room is a small step in that direction," said Robin Adams, assistant director of Leadership Activities.

Students contributed to the creation of the game room. The administration received constant feedback from students on a multitude of subjects ranging from decorations to the very games within.

While the game room is a good place for students to bond, it is not a completed project."For now, it's a trial run to see if it works.  In many ways it, at the moment, looks like a former faculty or staff club with games in it.  If it's as much a success as it currently is then I can see a lot more effort being put into the interior design.  For now, we just wanted to get games in there," Adams said.

The administration, however, has high hopes for the game room.

"It could be a place for clubs to hold events, Scribner Seminars to meet...who knows?  For me, the idea of doing more to make Case Center the central hub of student life is important," Adams said.

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