Murray-Aikins delivers a delicious taste of the Chinese New Year

Posted by Kate Butler

On the evening of Feb. 7, 2013, from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., the Murray-Aikins Dining Hall transformed into a Chinese buffet in honor of the Lunar New Year. As students streamed into the dining hall between huge oriental fans and ribbons, enticing aromas filled the air.

Community members heaped their plates high with a variety of Chinese food, from typical favorites, like crackling hot veggie egg rolls and crispy sesame beef, to the more sophisticated whole roasted salmon with plum sauce and Chinese tea eggs. Excited students helped themselves to bunches of oranges and clementines and endless mountains of rice. Individual folded containers of lo mein, bowls of soup and noodles, and strategically placed bowls of fortune cookies added to the festive, buffet-like atmosphere, as did the live instrumental music that piped through the hall.

With so many tantalizing choices, it was difficult not to taste a little of just about everything; multiple students went back for seconds-and thirds.

Despite the lengthy line at the popular Diner station, which served favorites like fluffy pork buns, egg rolls, drunken chicken, and gingered veggies, many students persevered, albeit often nibbling in the meantime.

By the end of the meal one student moaned, "My tummy is gonna explode!"

But many made a valiant effort to taste the desserts anyway, gamely devouring delicate almond cookies, airy coconut cake, and honey-sweet green tea cupcakes. More than one student had to be rolled from the room. Just kidding-well, maybe.  

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