Los Angeles based band brings a refreshing vibe: Echosmith will keep you humming long after you turn it off in the car.

Posted by Gwen Plummer

Straight off their summer stint on Warped Tour and now smack in the middle of a fall tour supporting Tonight Alive, Los Angeles based alternative pop group Echosmith has released their debut album, "Talking Dreams."
Comprised of four siblings (all younger than twenty), Echosmith, who signed with Warner Brothers Records in 2012, is already making big waves. Only a year into their careers, the newcomers have been named Alter The Press' 'Band of the Month' for October and landed a spot on Alternative Press' "100 Bands To Watch in 2013" list. 

The album, which will be released on October 8, boasts twelve solid tracks, including the crowd favorite and outsiders' anthem "Cool Kids." Jam-packed with fun beats, catchy tunes and a cool back and forth between male and female vocals, "Talking Dreams" is a feel-good album made for rolling your windows down and screaming lyrics like "kids like us, we don't know when to stop/ we walk, we walk, we just keep walking/ we move, we move, we just keep moving on/we sing, we sing, we sing at the top of our lungs," and "let's love while we're young" out of the open sunroof with your best friends. 

Echosmith manage to do what bands in their scene are constantly trying to do - almost perfectly capture the essence of being a teenager and all the crazy emotions and unbelievable moments that come along with it. The album is layered with awesome drumbeats and guitar riffs, showcasing the talent every member of the band possesses - particularly seventeen-year-old lead singer Sydney. 

Talking Dreams is well balanced between upbeat feel-goods like "Let's Love" and "Nothing's Wrong," airy love songs "Bright" and "Surround You" and more angsty teenage 'fight-the-power' songs like "Come Together." All around, the album is young, fresh, and bright - nothing too heavy to weigh down the whole "windows down, radio up" thing. With time and maturity, hopefully depth and profundity will come. But for now, Echosmith can easily play in the same league as Tonight Alive and other well respected Warped Tour bands. "Talking Dreams" is everything a debut album needs to be.

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