James Anthony Introduces a Reasonable and Comfortable Way to Ride

Posted by Tara Lerman

In a place like Saratoga Springs, where the local busses only run so late and there is a constant demand for transportation, taxis provide an alternate mode of travel for Skidmore students. James Anthony, a local taxi driver, says that he enjoys providing services for locals and college students alike. Anthony, who has been active in the taxi business for over six years, started his own company called Value Van Taxi and Car Service this past November.

"I started Value Van Taxi because I got fed up with the fact that the company I previously worked for didn't care about the customers," Anthony explained. "I grew tired of the drivers and the staff at the taxi company not treating their customers the way I would want to be treated. I decided to start my own company, one with better prices and a better environment."

Value Van seats up to 12 passengers safely and comfortably, providing short- and long-distance transportation to destinations such as the mall, the Raceway and Casino, and downtown Saratoga Springs. Value Van also serves events such as parties or weddings. Anthony prides himself in getting to know his customers. "My favorite part about being a taxi driver is meeting new people and learning about their experiences," he said.

Anthony shared a story about one of his experiences. "One night I drove a group of guys to a bachelor party. In order to ensure that they were able to get a ride home, they insisted that I stay. I told them I don't mind waiting for them, but that it would cost more. They got me some food. One guy asked if I wanted something to drink. I laughed. 'I can't! I'm driving!' I told him. They were all really nice guys. It was a very funny experience."

To find out more about James Anthony and the Value Van Taxi and Car Service, or for information such as discounts, photos and destination information, log onto http://www.valuevantaxi.com or call (518) 479-9394.

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