It's Big Show time again: Danny Brown and Action Bronson take on 'Toga: While this year's performers are definitely unusual for Big Show, we predict they will be a hit.

Posted by Caroline Falls

SEC's selection may have come as a surprise to some, who remember past shows that featured more mellow names like Mayor Hawthorne and the Dirty Projectors. At first, SEC considered a Big, Big show, which would include a few headliners, a doubled budget, and enough excitement to satisfy two semesters. Yet, after rumors of a possible Danny Brown/Action Bronson tour were confirmed, it seemed the choice was clear.

The Detroit-raised hip-hop artist Danny Brown has been called "one of rap's most unique figures" by MTV, and was Detroit's Metro Time's "Artist of the Year" in 2012. Yet, it is Brown's unique look that catches the eye. His side-swept hair, gapped-tooth smile, and fondness for skinny jeans are just a few things that set him apart from the average rapper. His career, a winding path through the early days of the rap group Rese'vor Dogs, and rejection from 50 Cent's G-Unit Records, (because of his "unconventional" look,) lead him to release his first solo independent studio album, The Hybrid, in 2010. The single, "Grown Up," which Rolling Stone called the 41st best song of 2012, may be what catches the attention of new listeners preparing for Friday's show. Hopefully, his newest album Old, which is to be released this fall, will be given a test-run on Friday's crowd. 

Queens-native rapper Action Bronson will be performing as well, possibly livening up the audience with songs from his albums Dr. Lecter, Well-Done, and the EP Saab Stories-which features Whiz Khalifa and Prodigy. But don't let Bronson's copper-colored beard, eastern European blood, and love for cooking (yes, he's also a chef,) put you off. His performance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2013 caught the attention of XXL Magazine, which featured him in their "Freshman Class"-a catalogue of up and coming rappers. His notable lyrics and larger than life personality have lead Pitchfork to call him "one of the most hilarious and creative writers in rap." Relaxed numbers like "Brunch" and "Shiraz" will compliment Danny Brown's upbeat, danceable, and jumpable tunes.

Named the "Richard Pryor & Gene Wilder of rap" by Okay Player, the show will combine the two artists in a noteworthy and unpredictable sell-out show that is not to be missed.

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