Isadora Duncan Tribute Entertains Student and Adult Audiences Alike

Posted by Tara Lerman

At 2:00 p.m. on Saturday Sept. 29 and Sunday Sept. 30, the Dance Department honored American dancer and choreographer Isadora Duncan with "The Ancient and Eternal Ideal in Art". Although originally scheduled to take place at the Surrey Garden Amphitheater, the event was moved to the Dance Theater due to the weather.

The performance celebrated the 35th Anniversary of the Isadora Duncan International Institute. The IDII was founded in 1977 by Maria-Theresa Duncan and Kay Bardsley, and has since been committed to help improve education through dance and the arts.

The performance was co-directed by Alumna Jeanne Bresciani, artistic director and director of Education at the IDII, along with Mary DiSanto-Rose, associate professor of Dance at the college.

By the time the performance had begun, all but a couple of seats in the theater were full. The audience was made up of not only students, but also children and adults from the Saratoga community.

Each dance required a different wardrobe, as the dancers' costumes depended on the theme of each dance. For the mini performance, which gave off a cool and natural feel, the dancers wore light blue flowing gowns. However, the second dance, titled "Dance of the Furies," was faster paced and angry, so it made sense that the dresses the dancers wore were shorter and bright red. Each dance was unique in its story, choreography and mood.

In particular, "Beyond Thyself Shalt Thou Build" was particularly moving. It featured all of the dancers in the show, and together they created what was understood to be a heartbeat. The increased volume of the music and background imagery of a blue sky made the dance powerful. Judging from the audience's reactions after this performance in particular, it was definitely a crowd favorite.

The array of talent that exists within the college's community never ceases to impress, and that talent was well exemplified in "The Ancient and Eternal Ideal In Art," which served as a unique cultural experience.

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