Interested in rugby?: Saratoga women's rugby team opens membership to Skidmore students

Posted by Andrew Shi

A sport that invokes the images of England, Australia, and Matt Damon's Invictus, rugby has flown mostly under the radar of America's athletic culture.  In the past few years though, rugby  leagues and teams have been exponentially forming across the nation.

Founded at Rugby school in England, rugby's origin story states that student  William Webb Ellis one day was annoyed with the progression of a football game (in the United States known as soccer) and decided to pick up the ball and run with it. Rugby thus developed into a mergence of football and soccer elements to become a fast paced game of energy, skill, and physical contact at its most extreme. Rugby is 80 minutes of the best that sports has to offer.

In a town renowned for the defeat of British forces during the Revolutionary War, Saratoga Springs has enthusiastically swung its doors open for the originally British sport.  Saratoga Women's Rugby offers a new level of competition and fun that cannot be offered in the intramural or exclusive varsity sports. "Saratoga Rugby is a club team. We have a women's team who love rugby, the values and beliefs that it stands for as well, as well as its heritage," said Marieange Raimond, the Saratoga Women's Rugby recruiting coordinator.

Fortunately for the women at Skidmore who regret the absence of football or rugby teams, the Saratoga Women's rugby team is recruiting. "We'd love to encourage college students at Skidmore not only to come out, throw on cleats and try a new sport but also to come out to the games and watching an exciting sport as it moves rapidly live in front of you," Raimond said.

Raimond states that the team is open to anyone remotely interested or curious. "We are taking new players experienced and inexperienced. The great thing about rugby is that there is a position for every body size and style."

The Saratoga Women's Rugby team is holding a recruiting event from 6:30-8 pm on march 9th at The Parting Glass, located at 22 Lake Ave in Saratoga. For additional information visit the team's website at or contact Ms. Raimond at

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