Harvest Festival

Posted by Rachel Dyckman

The Skidmore Traditions Committee holds numerous events throughout the year such as the tree lighting ceremony, Chocolate Milk Day, and the bonfire. The latest addition to the list of Skidmore Traditions is the Harvest Festival. Do you like eating delicious local food while listening to folk music performed by talented groups such as the Bandersnatchers? If so, you are sure to enjoy the Harvest Festival!

The Harvest Festival took place on Thursday, November 7th on Case Green at 8pm. The Skidmore Traditions Committee will be teamed up with the Sustainability Committee to promote sustainability and environmental awareness on campus. It is a great event for students to learn more about what both the Traditions Committee and Sustainability Committee does, and to help educate students about the benefits of locally produced food while fostering a sense of community amongst students.

Food at the event was provided by Comfort Kitchen, a Saratoga Springs restaurant that uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and which is an active proponent of the farm-to-table movement, advocating for local, seasonal produce to eliminate the need for lengthy transport, minimizing the burning of fossil fuels. There was also Eco-friendly giveaways at the festival.

SGA Senator and head of the Traditions Committee, Lauren Scauzzo '15 explains, "Tradcomm's first event isn't until the Tree Lighting Ceremony in December. I wanted to have an event that brought the Skidmore community together a little earlier in the school year, and Harvest Festival was the product of this idea. When a fellow Senator who chairs (the) Sustainability Committee reached out to me about collaborating for Harvest Fest, I was really excited. It's the perfect opportunity to promote sustainability on campus in a really fun and engaging way."

The Harvest festival is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the crisp fall weather and take advantage of the green before the inevitable snow and frigid temperatures descend on campus. What better way to enjoy the fall season and celebrate local food than to share a delicious, locally grown meal with friends while listening to great music under the stars? 

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