Gunshots heard from the North Woods area last Sunday: Campus Safety searches are inconclusive, but shots may have come from hunters in the area

Posted by Julia Leef

Last Sunday night, Sept. 23, Campus Safety received reports of gunshots heard in the area around North Woods.

According to Director of Campus Safety Dennis Conway, Campus Safety received an anonymous call at approximately 5:55 p.m. on Sunday evening, saying that the caller had heard gunshots. Shortly thereafter, Lawrence Britt, associate director of Campus Safety, reported also hearing shots in the area.

"One of our officers sent to investigate parked his vehicle at Whitman Loop in North Woods and reported hearing popping sounds that he believed were gunshots, but that they were coming from well off campus," Conway said. "This was about 6:35 p.m. on Sunday."

Campus Safety searched the entire campus grounds and made additional searches as far as Route 9 and the Maple Avenue Middle School. They were unable to locate the source of the noises.

Conway also said the Saratoga Springs Police Department had received similar reports and were also searching the area with the same result.

"Sometimes hunters do come into the area if they're not familiar with it," Conway said, when asked if these gunshots could be part of the rumors circulating of hunters using the College property as hunting grounds. Conway said additional signs would be posted in the area advising hunters to remain off-campus.

Students who witness any suspicious activity should report directly to Campus Safety, Conway said, and under no circumstances approach the suspicious parties.

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