Frugal Foods, Happy Stomachs: Black bean flat wraps

Posted by Ashley Copperstone

So, you don't think our Dining Hall is all that? Well, after moving into Northwoods and losing my daily access, I have become completely nostalgic. Underclassmen, I envy your ability to walk into the Dining Hall without a care in the world, while I have to woefully endure the smell of Chicken Finger Friday on my way to class, knowing that it can't be mine. It's just not fair.

In honor of the Dining Hall, the first recipe I've prepared for this column is definitely a campus favorite. Readers, I present to you: the Black Bean Flat Wrap. These amazing mouth-wateringly awesome wraps will have upperclassmen dying for a guest swipe. Words cannot express how excited I was about making these. A box of black bean burgers sat in my freezer for the entire weekend, calling to me, but I didn't touch them. Even with everyone I know asking me if I would just make them early, I persevered.

Not only is this meal super easy to make, but it is also extremely affordable. The overall cost is $12.68 with plenty of extra ingredients for snacks or a salad the next day. The whole ordeal takes a little under 15 minutes to prepare, and you can make them ahead of time and store them in your fridge for later. You can make four (or eight or twelve...I tend to get a bit carried away). You can feed your housemates, your friends or even make lunch and dinner for yourself for the rest of the week. All this comes to only two dollars more than the cost of a single dinner at the Dining Hall. A win-win situation, in my opinion.

If any of the ingredients in this recipe don't suit your palate or your dietary restrictions, substitutions can be easily made. For the gluten-free individuals, I've got your back. My housemate came up with a gluten-free option using a rice flour wrap and gluten-free black bean burgers. It was just as delicious as its wheat-based cousin. Get ready for some serious eating, my friends.

Black Bean Flat Wraps
Serves 4

One carton of Black Bean Burgers (Morningstar Brand is a good choice!)
One bag of whole-wheat wraps
One tomato
One red onion
A bag of shredded cheese
A bunch of Spinach

First, wash and prepare your ingredients by chopping the onion, tomato, and spinach into small squares. If frozen, heat the burger up in the microwave on high for one minute on each side. Then get your housemates and make an assembly line. Place your wrap on a flat surface and apply your ingredients in the following order: apply a liberal smear of guacamole, add the diced spinach and onion, add the tomato, then the burger, and finally, the cheese. Pull in the sides of your wrap over your ingredients. Then cook your wrap on a greased George Foreman grill or pan on the stove for 5-7 minutes on each side. Enjoy your meal, as you've just recreated the crown jewel of the Murray-Aikins Dining Hall!

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